WATCH: Shoppers smash window to free kids from hot car as mom gets haircut

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KATY, Texas -- Some shoppers jumped into action Monday, smashing open a car after spotting children inside as temperatures hovered above 90 degrees.

They thought they had no time to spare, so shoppers in a parking lot took matters into their own hands after noticing two small children in a hot Jeep.

"It was a crazy situation man," Gabriel Del Valle said.

Del Valle stepped out of his nearby shop after hearing the sound of children crying out in desperation.

"The kids were in there crying," he said. "I mean you would understand. It's real hot."

Del Valle shot video with his phone. He says one man used a hammer to smash open the windows.

"Even then they could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on," Del Valle said.

After several minutes, the kids were freed. The children's mother apparently said she had left them there only temporarily so she could get a haircut.

But Del Valle said nothing justifies treating children like this.

"Even a dog can die," he said. "Imagine a person."

The mother came out and pleaded with everyone, saying she just made a terrible mistake. Police were not called.


  • Kevin

    The terrible mistake that the mother made was in thinking that she was capable of being a mother.
    The terrible mistake that the other people made was believing that the mother learned her lesson. She should already have known that a hot car can kill, and if she didn’t already know…then she really isn’t fit to be taking care of children.

  • Anonymous

    They should have called the cops on her, I can’t believe she prioritized getting a hair cut over her kids. It was not a mistake she made, it was a choice. No mother with a right mind does that!

  • Ann

    That terrible mistake could have cost those babies their lives! Next time she won’t be so lucky! CALL THE POLICE!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed they blocked the license plate on the vehicle. Gabriel Del Valle video taped this and should have the original with the license plate on it. Please report this NOW! Make sure there isn’t a next time cause she will do it again!!

  • Stephanie

    I agree with everyone here.. CALL THE POLICE!! it doesnt matter how many seconds there gone for.. she still left them in there..

  • imminent

    Yes, call the police EVERY TIME. You cannot EVER fix stupid people with warnings! I hope the cops and/or CPS is still investigating it.

  • Robert Gift

    Did rescuers ask the children to open the door? Then instruct them how to if they could not open it?
    Was the vehicle still cool inside from its air-conditioned thermal mass?
    Never leave young incapable children unattended in a vehicle in case the vehicle catches fire or a criminal steals the vehicle.
    Do beauty shops not have a play area for customers’ young children?

  • lori greene

    im sure all of you who are concerned need not worry, this wil reach the ears of the police, and social services

    • Anonymous

      Good for you Holly setting the story straight!! I feel horrible for this poor mother who is unjustly being crucified by inaccurate media outlets and the public. This traumatic accident could happen to any parent and I am sure she was upset enough without being demonized by viral media not fact checking before believing one publicity hungry” eye witness”

  • Anonymous

    This story is false. If you’ve watched other reports on this story they showed surveillance footage where the mother was in a store with her kids, went to leave, accidentally locked her keys in the car after she placed the kids in there, and immediately went back into the store for help and that’s when the guys helped her smash the window. Get your facts straight.

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