Gay marriage battle ramps up in Colo.

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DENVER -- Despite criticism, the Colorado Attorney General is insisting the county clerks follow the state law and stop handing out same-sex marriage licenses.

Dave Young reports.


  • david fairfield

    BS, Mr. Suthers. You DID have a choice not to appeal. Your “obligation” would have been, as you admitted the obvious outcome, NOT to appeal, and save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for your useless appeal. In other states, where other AG’s did not necessarily even agree that the ban should be lifted, did the right thing: saved money which could otherwise be spent in a PRODUCTIVE way, and gave equal protection to upstanding tax paying citizens who otherwise do not have that equal protection. You AG’s who are kicking and fighting are boring all of those around you. I hope the clerks don’t heed your bullying tactics.

  • craig buckley (@KenBuckVictim)

    Wow, I just saw Suther’s interview. What a crock. He talks about his sworn duty, and mocks the alleged political agenda of others. Suthers is about the most corrupt individual, besides Ken Buck, I have had the displeasure of ever dealing with. My family and I have been under attack by corrupt Weld County DA Ken Buck, and Weld Chief Judge Jamas Hartmann for 3 years. Suthers has actively concealed their criminal acts.

  • Craig Smith

    What is right trumps what is legal. Well what if I think killing people is right? Does that mean I should start doing it? Just plain crazy the way things go down these days. A lawless state we have become. Theres a RIGHT way to get whats RIGHT in this country. And Im sorry but Suthers is right. We voted him in to uphold the laws which the people have voted on. If you think the law is wrong then convince the rest of us voters and fricken vote it out!!!! Dont just start doing something illegal when you dont get your own way. Lawless….

  • SpamFace Plant

    There’s a reason for the science of natural biology! The 97% majority. When they can procreate without a petri dish, biological donors and surrogates they are welcome to plain old marriage without hyphenation. These loons force their lifestyle on the majority as part of their “fairness” whine!

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