Udall raises $3.1 million in second quarter, has $5.7 million COH

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Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colorado, talks to FOX31 Denver in April about his reelection campaign and the challenge presented by Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma.

DENVER — Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall raised $3.1 million in the second quarter of the year and now has $5.7 million in cash on hand as the race against Republican challenger Cory Gardner enters a more competitive phase with the election less than four months away.

Udall, who is seeking a second term, has raised more than $13 million overall to support his reelection effort.

Gardner, a congressman from Yuma who didn’t enter the senate race until late February, announced last week that his campaign raised $2.7 million in the year’s second quarter and has $3.4 million cash on hand.

Much of the money spent in this top-tier senate tilt will come from outside groups, as noted by Udall campaign manager Adam Dunstone in a memo to supporters Monday.

“Outside groups are starting to flood the airwaves at a much quicker pace,” Dunstone writes, referring to several of the groups already spending money in Colorado — Americans for Prosperity, American Energy Alliance, Freedom Partners, Generation Opportunity and Crossroads GPS — as “fronts for the Koch brothers.

“Even with our historic fundraising numbers, we know our side will be outspent on the air, and we need every penny to fight back against the tens of millions in attack ads we’ll see before November.”

Despite most polls showing the race within the statistical margin of error, Dunstone writes that Udall is in the driver’s seat, having already pressured Gardner to “switch gears on reproductive rights, immigration, health care, energy, and LGBT rights.”

Udall’s campaign plans to continue to focus attention on Gardner’s record and to rely on a big Democratic turnout effort to defeat Gardner in the next few months.

“Congressman Gardner has a long history of championing radical measures far outside mainstream Colorado values,” Dunstone writes. “Our view of the fundamentals of this campaign has been validated by Gardner’s flailing efforts to run away — no, sprint away — from his record and hide his true agenda from Coloradans.

“The Congressman’s jaw-dropping desperation to remake his image during this campaign has validated our entire approach to this race. He’s too radical for Colorado. We know it. You know it. Even he knows it. What he hasn’t realized yet is that he can’t run from his record and he can’t hide his agenda from voters.”



  • John

    Udall pull your head out of your butt, I have contacted Gardner and have my commercial ready to run on all the rights you took away from the people of Colorado. What’s wrong didn’t want to stand up beside your lying President, too bad but the Colorado know now don’t they

  • dougsmith42

    Most of the educated world uses TiVo & DVR and avoids the political garbage between television shows. Put that money back into the economy and schools IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If anything, educate those that solicit your propaganda about the meaning of ‘NO SOLICITING’ posted on people’s doors, otherwise continue to look dumb as usual.

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