Moench charged with attempted murder in shooting of two Lakewood police officers

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- Gordon Moench was formally charged Monday in the shooting of two Lakewood police officers on July 5.

Moench, who turns 55 on Tuesday, faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder after deliberation, three counts of attempted first-degree murder in extreme indifference, four counts of first-degree assault and 10 counts of crime of violence.

According to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, Moench made two 911 calls and Lakewood officers were dispatched to 9740 W. Jewell Place.

Court records say Moench was sitting in the back of his truck with three firearms. The first officer, Agent Jonathan Key, arrived at the house slowed to stop when he was shot through the windshield. Then, according to court records, a second officer, Agent Kimberly Collins, approached Moench and was shot and collapsed to the sidewalk.

A third officer then saw Moench walking down the middle of the street carrying a .44 Magnum handgun. The officer told Moench to drop the gun, but when he didn't and lifted the gun, the officer shot Moench.

Moench was hospitalized then transferred Key was treated and released from the hospital the next day. Collins is expected to remain hospitalized for another 2-3 weeks.

Moench is being held on $2 million cash bond and has until July 24 to schedule a preliminary hearing.


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  • Ryan Eberle

    So according to your esteemed newscaster covering this story military snipers use the sks-45 as a sniper weapon? Sensationalize much you Bloomberg whores? And the very next story you with pride pontificate how a cop who kicked his child and held her hostage in a closet got some probation and state sanctioned slave labor instead of incarceration. Way to go pushing an agenda Goebells would be proud. And before you label me a whacko it is my opinion that the sorry loser who opened fire on the cops should have been shot stone cold dead by the first responders/hero class on scene.

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