CDOT begins pilot program to ease traffic on southbound I-25

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The Colorado Department of Transportation will begin a pilot program on southbound Interstate 25 that it hopes will ease traffic on Monday, July 14, 2014.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Hopefully, traffic won’t be such a pain anymore on southbound Interstate 25.

On Monday, the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin a pilot plan to ease congestion by turning the left lane of the freeway into a direct lane for through traffic from County Line Road to Lincoln Street.

“If you’re going southbound on I-25 in that area and don’t need to exit, get onto that lane,” CDOT’s Amy Ford said. “It’s like a zipline; hooks you in at County Line and zips all the way south, past Lincoln Avenue.”

CDOT will monitor traffic for the next few weeks to determine if the plan will become permanent.

It will also ask for the public’s input by clicking the link.



  • Josh

    If this started this morning, it was a terrible idea. It took me 30 mins to get from 225 to Arapahoe.

  • Anonymous

    Wish they would look at that mess they created at the 225 wb 70 merge point. 3 lanes slammed into one. There should be a least 2 dedicated lanes on wb 70 for the 225 traffic since that’s the majority of the wb volume.

  • Masked Crusader

    Now all the idiots will be in the “zipline” lane and realize they still need to exit. They will simply stop on the interstate until they can get over. Classic move.

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