3 women accuse Aurora man of sexual assault during online dates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following story contains detailed accusations that are graphic and sexual. In addition, the original arrest affidavit detailed four accusations, but has since been reduced to three.

GOLDEN, Colo. — Michael Miller, the man charged with sexually assaulting a Jefferson County woman after meeting her on an online dating site, appeared in court Monday morning, at which point the JeffCo District Attorney’s Office released an affidavit that included sexual assault allegations from two other women.

District attorney spokesperson Pam Russell confirmed that Miller’s bond was set at $10,000. Given the nature of the accusations, Russell said JeffCo officials were continuing to seek out additional victims in possible cases against the 28-year-old that may have gone unreported.

The latest accusations against Miller were brought forth by a Golden woman, who said she met Miller on the dating website OKCupid.com.

During online communications, Miller allegedly told the woman he didn’t like to email or text, and preferred to meet in person. Furthermore, the woman said Miller told her he “liked to spend time with people one-on-one,” instead of a group scenario.

When the two met at the light rail station in Golden, Miller allegedly told the woman he didn’t have money to pay for a night out, so they instead returned to her apartment. According to the affidavit, Miller told the woman he was a very “affectionate” person, and explained that his affection was often misinterpreted by women as an effort to “get in their pants.”

After stopping the woman at her bedroom during a tour of her apartment, the woman told police she and Miller went back and forth between talking and kissing, with the woman always insisting she was not interested in having sex.

Miller then allegedly pulled down the woman’s bra, exposing her breasts. The woman told police she suspected Miller made the advance because she had mentioned earlier in the evening that this particular behavior “turned her on.”

She told police she did not ask Miller to stop at that point in time.

However, the woman said she did ask Miller to stop shortly after he suggested the two “could do other things besides having sex,” according to the affidavit. After she made it clear she was not interested, she said Miller’s demeanor became “dark and edgier.”

At that point, the woman told police she left the room and tried to solicit her roommate’s help in getting Miller to leave. However, finding her roommate was asleep, the woman told police she went back into the bedroom and found Miller wearing nothing but his underwear.

After a back-and-forth, the woman told police Miller ended up on top of her, trying to pull down her pants despite objections and a physical struggle.

Miller allegedly told the woman at that point that he was a “pleaser” and wanted the woman “to have a good time,” according to the affidavit. During a continued struggle, the woman told police Miller forcefully pushed his teeth into her neck and digitally penetrated her despite repeated objections. When Miller was finally able to slightly remove her pants, the woman told police he immediately ejaculated inside her.

After that, the woman said Miller got dressed and, according to the affidavit, asked her, “You’re still going to take me home, right?” The woman said she did take Miller home, and after dropping him off, she said she drove to the nearest gas station and vomited.

During the investigation into the woman’s accusations, the JeffCo Sheriff’s Office found two more complaints against Miller, both of which detailed events that allegedly occurred in June of 2014. Investigators reached out to the women who filed both complaints and both agreed to be interviewed in regard to the latest accusations against Miller.

The first alleged victim told police she met Miller on Yahoo’s online gaming website. She said Miller made previous advances toward her online, but those advances didn’t worry her because she told Miller she was a lesbian and uninterested in a relationship with him.

But after breaking up with her girlfriend, the woman told police she was lonely and sought out Miller, who met her at her residence.

The woman, who was 19 at the time, told police she was drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while the two were watching a movie in her bedroom. She told police that she blacked out during the movie, and woke up to Miller raping her.

The woman told police that Miller held her down until he was finished, leaving her with bruises on her arms and shoulder.

The second alleged June 2014 victim told police she met Miller after responding to a dating ad he had posted on Craigslist. She said the two went to a park, where the woman “felt it would be okay, because it was a public place that was typically fairly populated,” according to the affidavit.

The woman also told police she began kissing Miller in her car before he “ended up on top of her” and “took her pants off.”

“It all happened so fast,” the woman told police, according to the affidavit. “It was just down to business.”

When asked if she told Miller to stop before the two had sex, the woman told police she “felt like it was going to happen regardless, because he was very, very pushy.”

Any other women who may have experienced unwanted sexual contact with Miller are being asked to contact Jefferson County Investigator Michalene Parreco at 303-271-5623.


  • heather

    I was selling some tickets a few weeks ago some guy was interested but in what cause he asked for address and I said walmart he said never mind hmmmm but I could take that idiot so try it dumbass

  • NedJ

    Clearly both women were completely stupid inviting a man they just met back to their home. Sorry, they didn’t deserve it, but it sounds as if there was more going on especially with the first woman

  • dan cha

    Red flags, and more red flags. The dude has no money for a night out. Exactly where is this relationship going to go?
    Caveat emptor Ladies!

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