19-month-old badly injured in Commerce City pit bull attack

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Dog Attack

(Photo: MGN Online)

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — A 19-month-old child was badly injured Sunday night by a dog police believe to be a pit bull, Commerce City police reported.

The dog and child were among people camping in a parking lot near 62nd Avenue off of Highway 2 in the Parkway Market Center, police said.

The dog reportedly attacked the child about 7:30 p.m., police said. The child suffered serious injuries to the head and neck, but was expected to survive. The child remained in the hospital Sunday night.

The dog was taken to the Humane Society.

Pit bulls are illegal to own in Commerce City.


  • Anonymous

    Great way to force the stereotype of Pitbulls with the horrible picture. Why not find one of the MILLIONS of photos of a nice pitbull playing with children.

    • Anonymous

      The boy is fighting for his life..who cares bout the dog..my family is hurting..and yes it was a pitbull that destroyed my nephew..we r not trying to bring bad names to a dog..just hoping our family survives.say a prayer for the boy..he is most definatly human

      • Anonymous

        I feel bad for the child but why on earth would a responsible adult allow a child to walk up on any dog that is tied up. Both the dog owner & the parents are responsible for what happened. I am a responsible PROUD owner of 2 pit bulls who when children try to run up on them I step in between them and let the child know that you don’t do that to dogs then I make them go get their parents. I raised my boys to be the same way.

  • Ember Davidson

    Believed to be a pitbull, well is it or isn’t it. And I live in Commerce City and would love to own a pitbull because they are great family dogs and because people don’t know how to train their dogs I can’t. No matter what the breed if you can’t train your dog don’t have one and if your dog is vicious put it down.

  • Kristen

    Wow this story told us a whole lot of nothing. “Believed to be a pit bull”,
    “Reportedly attacked the child”, …

  • Anonymous

    Stop stereotypes! It’s a dog. Any dog with that same behavioral patterns would have done the same thing. Stop placing fears behind a certain breed. Horrible situation, and horrible article.

  • Snarky Cosmos

    What is it about Pit Bulls that people find so attractive that they must have one given their twitchy behavior? Another news station showed some of the people involved and they were white trailer trash.

  • Christine Garcia

    The Dog is NOT an American Pit-Bull Terrier! The Dog IS an American BullDog! I saw the Dog last night, Saturday, lying on the grass with a woman who was panhandling at the parking lot entrance to King Soopers. I later saw the same woman pushing a toddler in a stroller. When I left King Soopers the police had blocked in the camper and were approaching it.

    • Mariah Canfield-Jones

      So its an American Bull Dog, not a pitbull, I knew there was something strange about this story considering that if there were witnesses before the attack, it means that maybe this was a dog pushed over or either that the dog was not trained to be around a small child. I’m not surprised, because this could happen with ANY dog.

    • lee77

      Surely you don’t expect us to take your word over that of officers of the law. It is much more likely that you are mistaken about the dog being an American bulldog.

      • Christine Garcia

        @Lee77- As someone who has worked in the Veterinary Medical field since 1986, done Animal Rescue (mainly American Pit-Bull Terriers) and OWNS Personally 4 American Pit-Bull Terriers and 1 American Staffordshire Terrier, I believe I have a Reasonably Good Idea what an American Pit-Bull Terrier looks like and what an American BullDog looks like.

  • Kim Hardin

    Get so tired of this “believed to be a pitbull” thats what they always say. I have a red nose ive had since he was 10wks old now he is fixing to be 6 wouldn’t trade him for the world I have children and grandchildren. He is our family. It is true its all in how you raise them just like EVERY other dog out there!!

    • Snarky Cosmos

      Well then there must be a boatload of people raising their Pit Bulls improperly for the breed to have a higher percentage of attacking other critters and people than other dog breeds.

      They probably raise their kids improperly too.

  • Cierra

    Seriously? Everybody’s first concern is to freak out about what the dogs breed is? How about how this poor child is doing? 19 months old and no one thinks for a second that this story should be about him/her?! It’s absolutely disgusting that everyone’s first reaction is to defend the dumb dog! When did people start to place more value in animals over regard for human life? Good grief!

  • lee77

    “The dog and child were among people camping in a parking lot near 62nd Avenue ….”
    NEWS FLASH: Dogs aren’t “people!”
    The only purpose of pit bulls is to fight other pit bulls. Accordingly, unless a person is engaged in the sport of dog-fighting, he/she has no business owning a pit bull. These monsters should have been banned nationwide long ago.

    • Emily Jones

      Obviously in this case, “among” means “in the company of”, which is a plenty reasonable and widely used definition of the word.

      • lee77

        No it isn’t “plenty reasonable” because it’s placing a child, a human being, in the same category as an animal.

      • Emily Jones

        No. As I said earlier, “among” here means “in company of”. And it is certainly true that the boy was in the company of the dog.

    • Mark Psotny

      You are a naive ignorant person, obviously you know nothing about pit bulls or dogs in general. If you do research you will find that pit bulls were called nanny dogs before this persona of a fighting bread was put on them. No dog is just bread to fight, be smart and do some research before you throw stupid comments out like this. Its people like you that promote discrimination and hatred,

  • Liz

    I believe that the child’s parents should also be held responsible. Where were they when the child walked up to a strange dog and began hugging it? Anyone with a brain would know not to allow their child walk up to a strange dog and start hugging it. Any dog could have reacted in the same way. But because it could have been a Pit Bull. The media went wild.

  • Anonymous

    The dog was strangled by police officers so it died and who gets off by saying pit bulls are only dog fighting dogs clearly you need to go back to school pot bulls actually was girst used to hunt by the AMERICAN ARMY you idiot. They are very intelligent dogs, but sadly this dog had a really horrible owner and that child probably has really horrible parents.

    • JBrennan

      Pit bull-type dogs — crossbreeds of the bulldog and terrier — were first bred in England at a time when there was no AMERICAN ARMY. Even after the American Army was created, they never used pit bulls for hunting. (BTW, Sergeant Stubby, the World War I mascot that all the pit advocates claim was a pit bull was actually a Boston terrier.) Pit bulls are some of the dumbest dogs that were ever created because they don’t have sense enough to know when they’re beaten. Instead of tucking their tails between their legs and admitting defeat, they keep attacking until they’re blinded by a porcupine, killed by an opponent, or whatever. Last year in Indiana, a pit bull attacking a 12-year-old boy was stabbed in both eyes with a butcher knife and blinded, but it continued to hang on until someone got there with a gun and shot the land shark. This link will take you to a video proving just how stupid pit bulls are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO88kUSmKaQ

  • Emily Jones

    From other articles I’ve gathered that the dog was a pit bull and was tethered when the toddler tried to hug him. This is when the dog attacked and later, police choked the dog to death while trying to restrain it. Since pit bulls are banned in Commerce City and this woman was obviously not a good trainer/owner, she certainly should have been arrested but I also believe that the parents- or whoever was in charge of the child- should be held responsible as well. I mean- who isn’t watching their baby while in a parking lot at night?! And who doesn’t teach their children not to approach animals which don’t appear friendly and especially never without asking the owner if their pet is safe. That’s a subject every parent should educate their children about. This kid could have just as well been killed by a wild animal or lured into a van to be kidnapped because he was obviously missing that vital education. 19 months is plenty old enough to practice safety or at the least, have your parents watching over you.

  • Mark Psotny

    This is a problem with the owners of the dog and parents of the child, as a pit bull owner it is my responsibility not to allow these situations to occur and also is the responsibly of the parents to keep their child away from random dogs that are tied up. I’m so tired of hearing all this bad publicity about pit bulls and how bad of a breed they are. 99% of all pit bulls are great dogs, its the 1% that are not trained properly or trained to be aggressive that cause these events. Take responsibility and train your dog, no mater the breed.

  • Emma

    A study released in 2007 showed that the breed most often to bite a victim in Colorado is actually a Labrador retriever (involved in 13.3% of attacks reported) while pit bulls, the second most common breeds to attack, we’re only involved in 8.4% of those reported. In fact, by 2007, bites were reported by 129 of the 188 breeds in Colorado and most bites are by mixed breed dogs. If you’re calling a pit bull a monster because they are protecting their territory, by that standard you’d be calling all dogs everywhere monsters- and they just aren’t! Any dog can bite and any dog can be sweet and loving.

    • lee77

      “Bites” aren’t the problem. Normal dogs bite, release, and most of the time, nothing more than minor first aid is required. (Nevertheless, any dog that bites should be killed.) Pit bulls do not “bite,” they attack with the intent to kill and there is a world of difference between a nip by a Labrador retriever and an all out attack by a pit bull. You then claim “most bites are by mixed breed dogs” and, of course, this is because the majority of dogs in this particular location are “mixed breed dogs.” Additionally, if a mixed breed dog has any pit bull in its mix, then it is a pit bull. Dogs have no “territory,” they are the property of the human beings who own them.

      I’m calling pit bulls “monsters” because so far this year, they have been responsible for 18 of 23 deaths-by-dog in the United States and not a day passes that a pit bull somewhere in the US doesn’t attack and badly injure a child or elderly person. Recently, a pit bull in Cincinnati (where the monsters were banned until 2012), attacked a 6-year-old girl, ripped out her tongue, ripped off her face (which had to be surgically reattached) and crushed one of her eyes. A pit bull in Mississippi attacked a 2-year-old girl and ripped out her right eye and she is now scarred for life and has to be fed through a tube. Want to see what a pit bull can do to a child in 2 minutes? Google “Amaya Hess.” Pit bulls ARE monsters and they should have been banned long ago.

      • Anonymous

        Pit bulls, just like Rottweilers have jaws that lock once they bite. Do you honestly think bites from Labradors are any different from Pits or Rottweilers? No! They’re not! The reason why people conceive pit bulls to be so aggressive, is really no fault of the dog itself. Pit bulls and Rottweilers both have the same type of jaw structure. Unfortunately for them, they bite but can’t always release. They have top pull back to let their jaws release so that they can let go. But you shouldn’t be so discriminating on dogs. There are so many factors that can cause any dog to bite. You have no idea if there were people there playing with loud poppers, or if the dog was scared, or had been previously hurt, or is neglected. YOU have no idea. Yes, it’s sad what happened to that child, and I hope he makes a full and quick recovery. But like I said, you have no idea what could have caused that dog to attack. If that dog had been abused or beaten by the owner, the last thing that dog will want is a small child coming over trying to hug him and possibly hurting the dog. I know plenty of children that try their hardest to sick their fingers in the dogs ears, eyes, nose etc. That dog could have very well of given off a warning growl. Just like any dog would of if it was irritated. No dog attacks without warning. I’ve been around hundreds of dogs, especially being a humane society worker. Dogs do NOT attack for no reason. A dog will always give a warning. If one chooses to ignore the waning, then personally they have it coming to them. Yes, it’s different because this was a small child. But regardless. That child should not have been left alone to just wander around a camp ground and at night for God’s sake. This could have happened with any dog. Literally ANY dog. I mean seriously, I’ve seen Chihuahuas, poodles, Labradors, Dashounds, etc become aggravated and aggressive. Yet no one labels them as monsters. People NEED to remember that’s it’s all about how you treat an animal,and the environment that you give to that animal to live in. I have friends that own 5 Pit bulls, a cat, a Dashound and a Collie. Plus have children, and have small grandchildren that are around the dogs nearly everyday. Not once have any of those dogs fought, been vicious, attacked or anything like that. They are one of the sweetest and most friendly breed of dogs I know. The sad part is that people like you are what give innocent dogs terrible names. If you really want something to blame, blame yourself for being so naive and closed minded. There’s more about these dogs that you clearly don’t know.

      • Snarky Cosmos

        The bottom line is that stupid people shouldn’t breed, nor should they own dogs, or any other pets for that matter. Unfortunately both cases happened, and an unsupervised kid took the brunt of their collective stupidity.

    • Christine Garcia

      @Emma- Thank You! I know the exact report that You are referring to. I was at the Conference at DU when the report was first released.
      Prejudice is the Child of Ignorance!
      As hard as We may try, some peoples Hatred, Ignorance and Prejudice is just too deep-rooted to be Educated and Informed. As a resident of Commerce City for over 9 Years now, I now this first hand.

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