Recall effort against El Paso County Sheriff Maketa fizzles

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa will not face a recall, the county announced Saturday.

The local group attempting to force Maketa from office over alleged misconduct obtained 48,000 signatures on a petition, which is technically enough to move forward with the process, El Paso County announced. However, the number does not meet the standard 10 percent "buffer" that would cover for any invalid signatures.

The group needs a total of 44,387 valid, verified signatures, according to KRDO. The verification process would cost taxpayers at least $20,000, and since success was not guaranteed, the group opted to abandon the recall.

Maketa has been embroiled in scandal amid allegations that he had affairs with three co-workers and gave them preferential treatment in the Sheriff's Office. The case against Maketa was first laid out in a sweeping article in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Maketa has said the charges are part of a witch hunt, and rejected a request from the El Paso County Board of Commissioners that he resign. He said he plans to remain in office until his term ends in January of 2015.

According to El Paso County, the Colorado Constitution bans any further attempts to recall Maketa before his term ends.



  • annpirie

    He is term-limited in a few months. He was a hero a year ago during the Black Forest Fires, out-beating the fire chief. Now, he is a no-good worthless increment. What a waste of time, money, resources (if you can even call these people that) were put forth for a totally unnecessary move. Call it retaliation.

  • TruB

    Terry Maketa has never been a hero. Maketa was opportunistic in doing his job and creating a reputation of protecting gun rights by being a bully and making accusations – and actually did nothing! The Terry Maketa recall was not retaliation. Odd many people are overlooking Terry Maketa tampering with files and coercing votes.

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