Woman’s car breaks down, and she’s greeted to a big surprise

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SANTA FE, N.M. -- A woman was terrified Thursday when she found out what caused her car to break down. It's something you'd usually find in the jungle, not the streets of Santa Fe, N.M.

A woman was driving when her car suddenly stopped. Jackson Ault pulled over to help and when he opened the hood of her car, a 20-pound python stared him down.

"Looking at right at me, flicked its little tongue and I kinda freaked out a little bit," Ault said.

Police were called. Lt. Louis Carlos said he wanted to hold it, so he took the snake off the engine and babysat it until animal control arrived.

"It was easy for me to just to go in there, pick her up, hold onto her, let her feel the warmth of my hands and my body," Carlos said.

The python was at least 7 feet long and probably was only halfway grown. She most likely got into the truck to get warm.

The snake made Ault shake and as for his days of helping people on the side of the road, he's probably taking a break.

"And I'm hesitant to pop my own hood, even though that sounds ridiculous," he said.

Police believe the snake is someone's pet. Reptile experts say the python isn't dangerous, but there's always the risk of an attack if the snake feels threatened.



  • Ben Childs

    We need a Federal Law outlawing the importation and keeping of non-native animals. Pythons are destroying the bird population in the Everglades. There is no reason to have these animals outside a zoo.

  • Kenneth

    Quit being such a cry baby!^^^
    The snake is not dangerous at all, I own several large snakes (pastel Python, retail) mine are around 15 feet long and are actually really good pet’s. Just cause one individual didn’t lock down his cage properly doesn’t mean they are bad.

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