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Rockies owner apologizes for blunt emails to fans

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Rockies Owner/Chairman & CEO Dick Monfort.

DENVER — Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort released an apology to fans Friday for his replies to fan complaints that many considered rude.

Michael Ferguson wrote a complaint to the Rockies via their website after the July 4 game.

“I wrote about how it’s frustrating to spend the money and see teams that are constantly struggling all the time,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said he traveled to Denver from Grand Junction to see the game and that he considers himself a big fan.

Two days after sending the complaint, Ferguson said he got an email from Monfort telling him “if you don’t like the product, if you don’t like the experience, don’t come.”

Tuesday we asked fans about the reply and got mixed responses. Some supported Monfort’s bluntness while others thought it was rude.

Since Ferguson’s story went public, several other fans have written to FOX31 Denver saying they too got a similar response from Monfort when they wrote to the team with a complaint.

One season ticket holder, who did not want to be identified, said he got a reply from Monfort that said, in part, “By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home.”

Friday, Monfort released a statement saying, “I want to express my sincere apology to Rockies fans that received a recent email response that was not consistent with our organization’s values. I have always tried to be open, friendly and understanding. Obviously, at times I have failed. The fact that so many of you take the time to write to us demonstrates your tremendous passion for the Rockies.”

Monfort said the franchise will stay in Colorado.

“Our fans are our biggest asset and we do not take their support lightly. We’re blessed to be a part of this great community and we want to bring a championship to all of our fans that they so richly deserve,” he wrote.


  • J Chav

    The Monforts are toxic to the game of baseball. Such a pure American past time has been molested by the Monforts money grubbing tendencies, over a true desire to see the Rockies succeed.

  • WWgolfer

    Actions speak louder than words. Get a new GM. O’Dowd has had 14 seasons: Fifth place divisional finishes-4, 4th place finishes-6, pennants-ZERO! Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • Masked Crusader

    If only all the fans truly didn’t go to the game, something might change. However that’s not happening

    2013 – 10th in average attedance, 20th overall in standings
    2012 – 13th in attedance, 28th in standings
    2011 – 12th in attedance, 21st in standings
    2010 – 10th in attendance, 14th in standings

  • Brad

    I got one of his emails telling me I probably should go away and I’m a season ticket holder. Who else?

  • QuixoteJoe

    Monfort’s sophomoric and arrogant email responses to fans and his public admission last week that he’s dumbfounded about how the team has sank this year, just like several previous seasons, clearly shows he lacks the acumen and temperament to be an effective owner/manager. He issued the apology to fans only because the volume of his unprofessional and caustic responses were quickly catching up with him and the franchise. Monfort and management have repeatedly shown for years that they are incapable of putting a worthwhile team together, and fans have had it with their perpetual excuses. Monfort’s blind allegiance to an incompetent and ineffective O’Dowd is dismaying enough, and now Monfort adds fuel to the fire by essentially giving fans the middle finger. Baseball fans and Denver deserve a heck of a lot better. Poetic justice would be for fans to boycott games and sponsors, which would send a strong message and financially force Monfort to sell the team.

  • Peter

    I find it sad that people,Mr Monfort, can’t stand by their own words because a bunch overly sensitive people complained that they were “treated unfairly” or got their “feelings” hurt by words on a piece of paper. Just because someone drives a long distance to see the team play does not guarantee that the team will play well because you show up. If you don’t like the atmosphere go somewhere else. If the team isn’t playing to your standards find another team or get off the bandwagon. I am not a Rockies fan and only go to games when my team comes to town. I have enjoyed Coors Field every time I have gone. This apology was written by the PR dept. I doubt Mr. Monfort actually cares about a bunch of whiny baseball “fans” think.

  • Connie

    Bull! Whether the team wins or loses the fans that stand by them year after year deserve some respect. Monfort is an egotistical jerk that should learn some manners. My son got one of his nasty emails and not only does it make Monfort look bad, it makes the whole team look bad.

  • Dan Cha

    Dick Monfort sounds better when his publicist does his thinking/and talking. Monfort won’t move the Rockies, nowhere else on Earth will he find fans that will spend money night-after-night to watch his or Dan O’Dowd’s type of baseball season-after-pathetic season.

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