Gun sales fall as fewer people stockpile paramilitary weapons

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NEW YORK — Americans aren’t stockpiling assault rifles like they used to, which is why gun sales have fallen sharply from a year ago.

Sales dropped 7.6% through the end of June, compared to the first half of last year, according to CRT Research.

Gun enthusiasts simply aren’t as worried about new federal gun restrictions going into effect, the way they were in 2013, so there is a lot less urgency for people to run out and buy assault weapons while they still can.

President Obama tried to pass a gun bill last year that would have restricted military-style semiautomatic rifles, but the legislation failed in the Senate.

“The number one driver in this sector, for the big sales spikes, has been fear – fear of legislation,” said CRT analyst Brian Ruttenbur.

But the industry is still strong, says Ruttenbur.

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Gunmakers like Smith & Wesson and Colt say that while rifle sales are dropping, sales of handguns are cllimbing.

Ruttenbur said this is partly because more people are applying for concealed carry permits, which allow them to carry concealed handguns in public places. Handguns are also popular among the growing demographic of women.

“Women don’t want a Dirty Harry magnum,” said Ruttenbur. “They want a pretty little gun that fits into a pocket book along with their cell phone.”

Ruttenbur said that CRT derives its information from the background checks that the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducts when a consumer buys a gun. Background checks — which include people who already own guns but are seeking an additional concealed carry permit — have dropped about 5% in the first half of this year, compared to 2013, according to the FBI.

The record month for background checks was December 2012, when the FBI conducted nearly 2.8 millIion checks. That’s the month that 26 children and educators were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.



      • Just another Sunday night

        Ageed. The white house is already going after manufacturers of ammunition or buying up as much of it as they can with your tax money to keep it out of your hands. It’s back door control at it’s finest. And let’s not forget the attempt they are making to mess with credit card companies and financial institutions to make it so you are unable to buy a weapon with your credit/debit card. Pay attention to the upcoming elections. If we do not have a senate with a majority rule of republican/conservative I guarantee you gun and ammo prices will spike again because Buck Ofama will get his way with restricting your access to weapons and ammuniton before his term is up, that is, if he doesn’t abolish term limits by an executive order, then King Buck Ofama will rule your lives!

  • Anonymous

    80% lowers are still flying off the self because of the no background check for them. The scary AR15 with no paper work is selling like hot cakes

  • Anonymous

    Wow who writes this stuff? How many scary words can they try and put in an article. Grabbing at straws much?

  • Brian Flate

    Discouraging that “journalists” are so ignorant of the facts in the debate to be calling the most popular modern sporting rifle in the worlds history an “assault rifle”. Why must we be subjected to this stupidity.

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