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Fireworks sales booming, but several cities have bans

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DENVER -- It's a time to celebrate. And business for fireworks stands has been popping.

"Business has been great," fireworks stand owner Cathy Morales said. "It's booming this year."

Morales says she already has had more customers this year than in the past two years combined.

"People are happy to light fireworks," she said. "Glad there's hardly any bans in most counties."

But bans are still in place in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Denver. And police are not taking any chances.

Denver Police caught a group of people Thursday night using illegal fireworks. Officers confiscated the fireworks and wrote a ticket.

And on Wednesday, Denver Police busted Vincent Martinez. Police say he had a trunk full of illegal fireworks he was trying to say.

Police say it's a matter of public safety.

While there is a ban in Denver, Morales says she warns customers.

"They just say it's not fair for Denver to not let them do it and all the counties around them are doing it," she said.

It's not stopping some people. Others are not willing to take the risk.


  • ScubaSteve

    One of my late uncles was a cop and used to confiscate fireworks, then take them up to the mountains for his own private fireworks display.

    • Dick Peabody

      Yep, that’s what our fearless policia and fire fighters do. They steal the stuff under the “guise” of confiscation and use it for their own displays. I know because the guy across the street from me was retired DPD (he’s deceased) and his wife tells me of the shows he would put on for the neighborhood kids with stuff he confiscated. The man was a friend of mine and I didn’t find out about this until after he passed but I told his wife the other day I would have had a word with him had I known about it while he was still alive. Fireworks laws are BS and a big UP YOURs to Denver, Sheridan, and the other commie governments deprive us of our rights.

  • Arodriguez

    Now that’s why I wake up every morning to watch this awesome, energetic, reporter! Along with warning us about firework bans, Cathy also adds light and “spark” to her story!

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