Video: Baby eagle attracts crowd as it’s almost ready for 1st flight

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- A young symbol of our country is drawing attention of many people in Commerce City.

They're coming to watch a n eaglet as he gets used to life in his nest which is right near busy E-470 and 120th Avenue.

Photojournalist Sean Towle was there on the Fourth of July as people anxiously await the majestic bird to take its first flight.


  • SufferingFromFools

    Weren’t the volunteers there to save the eagle from flying into power lines? (I wasn’t sure how they were to do that.) Then, it was to save the eagle from landing on the highway. (Not truly sure how that would work either.)
    So, it turns out that people just really want to see this bird’s first flight? Why didn’t KDVR say so in the first place?

    That said, I hope this bird flies safely and isn’t bothered by the crowd.

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