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WATCH: Mother ‘sees God’ while buying diapers at Wal-Mart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- “If you ever needed a sign that God’s there for you in the hardships and the struggles, this is it,” Katie Kanefke said after a recent shopping trip to Wal-Mart.

The South Dakota mom was at the store buying diapers for her infant son when she asked Wal-Mart workers if they could price match all four boxes of diapers she planned to buy. Workers said no, that they could only price match one of the boxes.

Unable to spend too much money, Kanefke was going to put three diaper boxes back on the shelves. That is when fellow shopper, and total stranger, Carol Flynn chimed in.

“It looks to me like you had four boxes of Pampers and you’re only buying one,” Flynn recalled saying to Kanefke.

“So I said ‘do you have children?’ And she said ‘Yes, I have a little boy who is 4 months and he uses a lot of diapers’ and I said ‘I think you need the other three boxes then.’”

Flynn “paid it forward” and bought the extra diapers for Kanefke’s son.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was just so surprised. I was like I don’t even know you,” Flynn said.

A third Wal-Mart shopper recorded the act of kindness on video.

“I never expected to have it videotaped,” Flynn said. “It went viral, which I’m told meant you could go on Facebook and find the article, which I did.  It was very surprising to me.”

Flynn told Kanefke paying to forward was a “neat thing to do” and encouraged her to pay it forward to somebody else.


  • William Lewis

    it is unfortunate that wal mart employees take it upon themselves to make their own rules about pricing when wal mart advertising is very clear. There are no limits on quanity or how far a store is away. You do not need copy of ad.The cashiers seem to think they are there to make enemies of customers.I might buy one thing that gets a price change and they act like I just got everything in my cart reduced. I have chosen to leave my unoaded cart on cashier line rather than argue with cashier or pay longer. It may be a problem for those behind me but in the long run it is for their benefit.

    • chris rockies

      well lewis im not saying you personally abuse the system, but many do. i work at a walmart. yesterday 4 teams of people came in to buy pampers trying to price match with the dollar general…. which by the way does not sell the same brand of diapers we do. said people got away with them because they went around to all the new people. these diapers cost about 30 bucks but they got them for 6 bucks each….. now tell me when they came though my line to do the same deal and i said no i was wrong? no because its an AD match so we can see if its the same item dollar general does not put out ads. we called the store to find out that the ones they had were 6 packs…. ones at our store were 128 and so on. so you see why no one likes to price match? as above they were in the right for only doing one at that price. these so called customers also hit the other walmart in our area. this is only one example. it also sounds like the person above was trying the same thing.

    • ksrichard

      William, believe me when I say, this situation was not one with Wal-Mart or its policies. This is strictly a regional problem generally throughout Sioux Falls. Customer Service it’s horrible here whenever you question anything! N Everyone here acts like they know it all and don’t you dare question their professionalism. As a customer, you are beneath their law (whatever it is they feel like it is that day). I moved to Sioux Falls a couple of years ago (after being in Colorado for 15 years – where I also worked as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart in my earlier years). This whole town needs customer service training as it goes WAY beyond a cute smile.

  • Chelsea Lowe

    What exactly does this have to do with God? Christian Springs will never cease to make me face palm. How exactly is this newsworthy anyway?

  • Kola Mustapha

    Who is God here? Flyn or Kanefyke? Kanefyke met a generous Flyn at the Walmart. What has God got to do with this? This happens every day. Leave God out of this.

    • ksrichard

      The title has “sees God” in quotations. Although they don’t repeat it in the article, I’m sure the woman felt blessed by God for allowing the generosity to be given at that particular time. Obviously, the context was left out for some reason.

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