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Armed waiters serve up American fare at Rifle restaurant

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RIFLE, Colo. -- Guns are locked and loaded as diners sit down to place an order at Shooter's Grill in Rifle.

From the artwork to the waitstaff carrying actual firearms, guns are all over the restaurant.

Owner Lauren Boebert says the idea to openly carry guns in her restaurant started off as a way to exercise her own second amendment rights. Eventually, it caught on with her employees.

"It's not a gimmick," Boebert says. "It's a way of life here and, until recently, nobody said much about it."

Boebert doesn't believe people should worrying about concealing their gun ownership.

"I don't think you should hide the fact that you own a firearm or hide the fact that you're wearing one," she says. "So I absolutely love what we're doing here."

For patrons concerned about safety, Boebert assures that all of the guns are strapped tightly in their holsters and have special release buttons to help avoid unwanted accidents.

"If anything were to happen, I don't think any of us would need to unholster our firearms," Boebert adds. "We have so many patrons that conceal or open carry -- someone would be on the ground before someone would even get our firearm out of our holster."

The restaurant has some strong supporters as well as some quiet opposition. But, for the most part, the Rifle community applauds the restaurant for its strong stance on second amendment rights.

CNN contributed to this report.


  • Colorado Citizen

    I love this place and fully support it! What I don’t support is uneducated news casters who clearly have not shown bias. Defense bullets so they can’t do much damage?? First of all “defense” bullets (more commonly known as tactical or hollow point) do more damage than target bullets – why the heck would you carry a gun and NOT use tactical bullets?? Secondly, event bullets designed for target practice are lethal – there is no such thing as a bullet that “can’t do much damage.” It’s entire purpose in life is to damage – to damage those who wish harm on us and those we love. That’s why we have guns! This news caster is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome. I bought some tactical gear from the airsoft store in Loveland and they have a similar sign and are gun friendly.

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