Sales of fireworks sizzling thanks to moderate summer

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DENVER -- After a couple of years dealing with bans, Cathy Morales says fireworks sales, so far, are sizzling!

For 20 years she has owned “Fantastic Fireworks,” just south of Interstate 76, in Adams County, where fireworks sales are legal.

One week away from July 4th, her tent is already seeing brisk business.

In many other Colorado cities, sales and usage of personal fireworks are illegal.

Denver, is one of them.  The fire and police departments often team together to target violators.  Punishment can top out at $999, per offense, and up to a year in jail.

Personal use of fireworks is also prohibited in Thornton, where residents can drop off unused fireworks at any fire station.

Many cities do offer up professional fireworks shows.

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  • Anonymous

    Where is the fire department’s WARNING us that fireworks are illegal and dangerous? – which few listen to.
    Rather than teach safer use of fireworks, fire departments tell us that we are all criminals for practicing this long time American tradition.
    2. Keep a BUCKET FULL OF WATER in which to deposit all burned out sparkler wires.
    3. Follow the directions on each firework.
    4. Set off fireworks away from dry foliage. (Wet down dry areas with that garden hose above.)
    COLD WATER INSTANTLY ON BURNS to cool tissue and cease the progress of the burn.
    Use flashlights to see the fuse so you light only the very end of it with a punk, not lighter or match.
    Control children and do not let them get too close.
    Wear eye protection.

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