17 arrested in Boulder County in connection with alleged drug organization

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(Credit: MGNOnline)

BOULDER, Colo. — Police in Boulder County arrested 17 people Thursday in connection with a suspected drug dealing organization.

Some 200 officers from state, local and federal law enforcement agencies executed 10 search warrants on homes in Boulder and Longmont, the Boulder County Drug Task Force announced. Officers seized “significant amounts” of cocaine and meth, as well as cash, guns and vehicles, BCTF said.

The investigation spanned more than 10 months, police said. The alleged criminal organization is thought to have ties to drug trafficking in Arizona, California and Mexico.

“This investigation was brought to a successful conclusion this morning with the arrests of the criminal group’s leaders responsible for importing cocaine and methamphetamines from Mexico to Boulder.” DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Keith Weis said. “Colorado’s northern communities are better off today because of this highly coordinated effort.”

The following suspects were arrested in the raids:


Alejandro Flores Gallegos  9/25/1987
 Anahi Lopez  10/13/1994
 Cesar Dominguez Lopez  1/28/1991
 Curtis Seth Lawson  11/5/1966
 Efrain Rios-Alcantar  1/14/1985
 Ernesto Valles-Rivas  3/3/1993
 Jaime Varela  11/2/1959
 Jonathan Padilla-Martinez  9/16/1982
 Manuel Pinto-Martinez  12/25/1975
 Misty Sweeten  11/7/1979
 Patrick Wascher  12/3/1977
 Salvador Hernandez Jr.  9/20/1992
 Sergio Liberato Lopez  12/26/1991
 Yolanda Barraza-Castillo  Not released
 Eric Medina Perez  6/27/1993
 Jonathan Tinker  9/27/1960
 Chris Ramirez  1/26/93



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