73-year-old gets 27 years for kidnapping grandson

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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- It has been a long day coming for a Longmont mother who endured the kidnapping of her son twice.

Tuesday, a judge made one of two men who committed the crime, pay the price.

A judge sentenced Ronald Turner, 73, to 27 years behind bars.

The mom, Brandy Turner, walked out of court with a smile that said it all about her reaction to the justice delivered for the kidnapping of her then 3-year-old son, Luke.

"I'm safe from him for the time being," she says.

He is her son’s grandfather, Ronald Turner, sentenced to nearly three decades for his role in helping his son, Monty, kidnap little Luke.

"He's probably scared to death," said Turner, in May of last year, when her son was kidnapped.

Police say Monty shocked her with a Taser, sprayed Mace in her face and took off with their son.

"He's been yanked back and forth so much. He witnessed his dad attacking me. I was screaming and fighting," says Brandy.

The next day police found the child and his father in Manitoba, Canada.

The grandfather was arrested in Missouri.

"He was as happy to see me as I was to see him. It was great," says Brandy when police recovered her son two days later.

The two spoke at a press conference at DIA.

"’Mommy, am I going home?’" an elated Brandy said her son asked when he saw her.

It was the second time Luke’s dad had allegedly kidnapped him.

He was accused of kidnapping the boy for nine months, hiding out at a relative’s home in Akron, Colo.

"I came with the desire not to be vindictive just to get a measure of safety and be able to live a life in peace," Brandy said Tuesday.

But Brandy says the judge said it all with a 27-year sentence.

While Ron Turner said very little and offered no apology.

In court, he said: "I'm not going to interfere with anybody's home life any more that would get me in trouble with the law."

"I don't think he has any remorse. He has no prior documented history. But there is history there and this is par for the course for him," says Brandy.

We learned Tuesday Brandy and her family have moved to an undisclosed location for their safety.

Monty Turner goes on trial November 3.

He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.



  • Dale Gross

    What did the mother do that it compelled the father and grandfather to kidnap their loved one? She probably denied visitation, and the father didn’t get a fair hearing in court. Twenty-seven years is twice too much. 10-15 years would have been plenty. But who cares? It’s only the taxpayers’ dollar, and there is plenty more where that came from.

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t deny visitation. The father of the boy had his son for a 4th of July celebration and then did not return him. I know her personally. She was part of a Youth Group I helped with when she was in her early teens.

  • Test

    I can’t comment on this case, but when my parents got divorced we got a complete idiot for a judge. My dad was abusive and they ordered visitation anyhow. My mom got way less than 1/2 of the assets and my dad lied to everyone he met about how we took “everything”. On the other hand, the several years of poverty were good character building years and I even get along with my dad now.

  • Brandy Jo Turner

    It’s hard to say exactly why ny husband decided to abandon me and keep our son from me. I have some theories that I can’t prove. Please know that I am the third wife in the family they have done this to, and they tried the same with two others. Do you think this family just got unlucky with five different women pulling this stunt on them? Or is it the family who holds anti-woman ideals? Any way, I was befuddled when my husband left. I hoped for reconciliation. I was crushed when he used a visitation that I whole-heartedly agreed to in order to facilitate taking him from me permanently. There were never any visitations to deny. He refused to appear in court. There was no mediation or anything. He just decided he was done with me and disappeared. I was a devoted mother and wife. He had no legitimate reason for his actions. Even after the first disappearance when he kept my toddler son from his mother for almost 9 months, he had the opportunity to show up in court and would have been able to have visitation, although probably supervised at first. Never at any point in his decision making did he choose a reasonable path. I can understand why someone might wonder what I did, but I honestly tell you I did nothing to provoke their behavior besides request to not be treated disrespectfully in my own home. I was judged as unsubmissive and summarily put away.

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