Three killed, two hurt when car crashes into tree, rolls over

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DENVER -- Three people were killed and two others seriously injured in a single rollover car crash on Sunday night at West Jewell Avenue and South Irving Street. All of the victims were in their teens and twenties.

Police say the driver was speeding, ran a red light and lost control of the car, hitting a tree on the median and rolling over. The car was on its side and the tree was snapped in half.

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner released the names Monday afternoon of the three people killed:

  • Brian Alvarez, 20, driver
  • Bryan Moreno, 18
  • Nicasio Flores, 20

Police say two of the men died at the scene and one died at the hospital. Two others were seriously injured, with Denver Police saying they had surgery Sunday night but their conditions are unknown. None of the men was wearing seat belts.

"We have a pretty good idea what happened," Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. "But we want to make sure they can verify that. Basically they lost control the vehicle and overcorrected into the tree."

Investigators said it's possible alcohol was a factor.  Friends of the victims who gathered at the scene of the crash Monday said they didn't think that was likely.


  • Jennifer C

    Reports are driver ran a light. What is it with this city? I’ve never lived any where with so many bad drivers, and idiots who run red lights as Denver. I thought Chicago and D.C. had horrible drivers, but not even close. This place has issues.

  • annpirie

    Too many young people seem to have no regard for safety and life. I wonder if these accidents, which do not have to happen, are suicide pacts. Sorry for the ones who survived if that could possibly be what is going on. Makes me sick at the prospect innocent people could be taken with them.

  • TakebackAmerica

    Denver drivers need a serious education. Instead of politicians raising taxes and pocketing the money and things like where you take a dump and the food you eat, they should pump some money into driver education which consists of many hours of training and a higher cost of obtaining a license. Not only that, people need to start realizing that many accidents and hit and runs in Denver are and will become more frequent due to Obama’s lack of securing the border. Since the Hick is one of his closest boys don’t expect anything to be done on a state level either. With that said, light up another blunt and don’t pay attention to the way government is taking over your life.

  • Tony Days

    R.I.P to all this youngsters that won`t see their dreams come true, My Prayers go to their families and friends ,Nobody deserves to die that young, but its said that the good die young,It makes me mad all those ignorant comments from ignorant insensitive people…..

    • Robert Gift

      “… it[‘]s said that the good die young.”
      Do “good” speed through residential neighborhoods risking killing innocents and killing themselves?
      So sorry for their parents, relatives and friends.
      (Be mad at those who needlessly create such tragedies.)

  • lisa

    Life is precious. …..All people of all races can make bad choices….some has the opportunity to learn from them…regardless it’s still a tragedy. Just because someone shows reckless behavior–doesn’t mean that their life path would have been that way for the rest of their life. I feel sad for the lost of life…lets remain with the facts although they could have killed someone innocent–they didn’t–they killed themselves…

  • Dan Cha

    Dog bites man. What’s new here? Inexperienced young drivers attempting to understand the relationship of F=MA (Force equals mass times acceleration). What force does it take to snap a 12 inch diameter tree? Thank Goodness an innocent mother pushing a baby stroller wasn’t using the intersection at the same time.

  • Sclarki

    Check out Nicasio Flores facebook page. Flashing gang signs and holding guns. Thugs that make Denver a worse place to live won’t be missed.

  • Anonymous

    I looked at their Facebook pages as well… Wearing bullet proof vests and having handguns, flashing gang signs, drinking alcohol, using drugs, talking about just getting out of jail, etc.

    I have no remorse and am thankful that no innocent bystanders were hurt or killed.

  • Anonymous

    “Investigators said it’s possible alcohol was a factor. Friends of the victims who gathered at the scene of the crash Monday said they didn’t think that was likely.”

    LOL! Anyone else notice the bottles of beer their homies left for them?!

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