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Baby Chet Oliver Smith born in Denver without sight

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Baby Chet Oliver Smith (Credit: Go Fund Me/Baby Chet's Medical Bills)

DENVER — Friends are raising money for a little boy who was born at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver with a rare condition.

Chet Oliver Smith was born May 27 without any optic nerves.

The rare condition, known as Anophthalmia, affects one in about 250,000 people. He has been receiving treatment at the NICU at Rocky Mountain for more than three weeks and has had three surgeries, including one to correct a blocked nasal passageway.

A family friend, Samantha Blymyer, started a Go Fund Me page to assist Chet’s parents, Samantha and Kyle Smith, with the costs of their child’s care.

The early goal for the page is to raise at least $8,000.

To donate, visit GoFundMe.com.


  • NativeColoRN

    Regrettably, this child is in for a long battle. From determining If the eye capsule is just missing,requiring donor eyes to, is the optic neves in tact, cranial nerve that facilitates movement of the eyes??
    Prayers for the child as well as family. This is a life long issue.

  • Anonymous

    We also have have a granddaughter with this condition. There are alot of resources available. There are fb pagse called MAPS and SOXS2. There is also a study in Philadelphia on the condition. See if you can connect with one of these groups.


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