RTD urges commuters to ‘Dump the Pump’ on Thursday

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DENVER — The Regional Transportation District is urging commuters to use public transportation in their commutes Thursday for the ninth annual National Dump the Pump Day.

The event is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association and started in 2006 and is a push to get people to take public transportation instead of driving a car.

In the past year, people in the U.S. have taken 10.7 billion trips on public transportation and about 35 million use it every day, said RTD, which says one commuter changing to public transportation can reduce a household’s carbon emissions by 10 percent.



  • Robert Gift

    Wish we could use public transportation.
    When possible, we ride our bicycles to stores and garage sales.
    When vehicle trips are necessary, we try to efficiently accomplish everything on the way.

    Keep tires properly inflated for best fuel mileage.

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