Vail extends temporary ban on retail pot for additional year

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VAIL, Colo. — The mountain town of Vail voted to extend its temporary ban on recreational marijuana for an additional year Tuesday to allow more time to survey how other Colorado towns are handling the legalization process.

According to the Vail Daily, the entire Vail Town Council  was in agreement that the past year has prompted more questions than answers regarding concerns about legalized retail cannabis sales in the town.

Initially, the council had set a July 31 deadline to make a decision.

“I hate putting off decisions, but this is a new thing for our state,” council member Dave Chapin said. “However, we do need to make a decision within a year. Maybe we should also throw the question out there to people who come here to visit and see what they think.”

Colorado Constitutional Amendment 64, which legalized the sale and consumption of retail marijuana in the state, passed in Vail with a 75 percent favor, the newspaper reported. However, while residents voted for the amendment in 2012, a recent community survey conducted by market research firm RRC Associates revealed that a majority of residents are not supportive of admitting retail marijuana dispensaries into the town — 57 percent said they were not in favor of retail pot shops, 31 percent said they were and 13 percent said they were undecided.

Vail formed a Recreational Marijuana Working Group earlier in the year to craft a list of questions surrounding legalized pot sales. After a couple of meetings, the group formulated a list of approximately 60 questions.

With this extensive rundown of concerns, the council felt the July 31 deadline was no longer realistic.

Council members agreed that it would be beneficial to observe other mountain/resort areas that allow retail pot sales, like Aspen and Summit County, over the next year before making a decision.


  • Nick

    If every town passed a ban to wait for every other town to be the guinea pig, then no towns would have it. I can’t think of a stup1der reason for banning something.

    • Dale Gross

      Nick hit the nail on the head. It’s like the NIMBY thing (not in my backyard); if everyone has the same idea to let the next guy make the first move, the move will never be made. Vail is the kind of town whose leaders will wait for someone else to clean up litter before they lift a finger.

  • Oracle Of Delphi

    I don’t believe it’s a bandwagon avoidance technique here. What I seems to be written between the lines is that Vail is looking for some relevant statistic that’s not been studied. This statistic cannot be announced because it would ruin the study. It looks to me like they want classy pot shops and not the 2nd rate gas station like shops we have in Denver.

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