Delta apologizes for its giraffe gaffe in congratulating U.S. on its win

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ATLANTA — Everyone was quick to congratulate the U.S. men’s national soccer team for its heart-pounding World Cup victory over Ghana on Monday.

Delta tweeted a graphic of the final score, with the U.S. represented by a picture of the Statue of Liberty and Ghana represented by a giraffe.

Except there’s one problem. There are no giraffes in Ghana.

According to easytrackghana, the country isn’t the most popular destination to see wildlife. The site reads:

“Yes, you have the ability to visit wildlife in Ghana. But please realize that we are not the destination of choice for a big-time safari adventure. There are no giraffes or zebras or leopards living anywhere in Ghana. Lions exist here, but you would never see one. However this lack of predators makes for a unique experience because you can safari on foot in Ghana!”

Delta quickly did an about-face when it learned of the faux pas, deleting the tweet and posting an apology.