Wash Park volleyball players file suit against city for trying to restrict activity

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DENVER -- Some volleyball players who use Washington Park for their sport are so upset about new rules instituted at the park, that they've filed a lawsuit.

They say they're tired of the city trying to restrict activity in a popular public park. The Plaintiffs delivered the lawsuit to Denver Parks and Recreation Executive Director Lauri Dannemiller Thursday evening.

The suit names Denver parks and Recreation and Lauri Dannemiller as defendants.

Justin Joseph has the information in his video report.

You can read the lawsuit here.


  • Barnaby

    nuisance lawsuit. These idiots should have to pay for all legal and court fees when this thing gets rightfully batted down.

  • jakebrake77

    I can only thank my lucky stars I abandoned Denver and their silly government administrators in 1979. We don’t have these absurd regulations against park goers here in Broomfield.

    Dr. Ben Carson in 2016

    • Mary

      Perhaps you should post the address of the park nearest your home in Broomfield, so that the volleyball players can take up all the parking spaces (and move into the residential parking places as well), take over volleyball areas from dawn to dusk so that nobody else can use them, “trash” the park (at least the area around the volleyball courts) – and best of all, get drunk and disorderly all weekend long (and ignore the rules that were in place limiting alcohol to 3.2 beer in cans or kegs) – which is what the residents living in the Washington Park area complained to their local representatives about.

      • Greg

        Unfortunately, the volleyball community has had to deal with the same few bad apples. It doesn’t mean we all are bad. There are regulations in the park and laws to prevent most of the neighborhood complaints, they have only been, until this year, loosely enforced. The alcohol ban failed so volleyball became the next best scapegoat. The streets are public property, everyone has a right to park in them, 2 hour limits and permits for neighborhood residents to park 24/7 have been suggested to councilmen and DPR and neither want to give residents any claim over the streets. Folks who park in front of driveways or illegally should be towed, this is not the volleyball communities fault.

        Not all residents share this sentiment and it does not give DPR the right to use emergency directives in order to avoid public hearing. Most in the volleyball community would be willing to find an equatable solution but the hasty unlawful policy has robbed us all of that chance. Resident frustration doesn’t give a government agency the right to break the law any more than anyone has the right to liter the neighborhoods.

        As soon as Councilmen, DPR, residents AND the volleyball community work together in a lawful manor to find a compromise, we can all move forward and address concerns peacefully. If DPR wishes to continue to unlawfully single out one group and place the blame only on them with over-exagerated claims then you will continue to see this oppressed protest and fight back. We have recommended keeping the passive areas, but we will NOT ask the government permission to play nor will we give the government information in the form of a permit to play.

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