Volunteers in yellow shirts enlighten Denver pedestrians on safety

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DENVER — Volunteers in yellow streets roamed the streets of Denver Wednesday morning, offering information to residents about pedestrian safety.

Wednesday morning’s efforts were part of the Heads Up Campaign, initiated by the city of Denver and the Denver Police Department.

City officials said the yellow shirt volunteers were at two locations Wednesday morning, the intersections of 16th and Wynkoop streets and Colfax Avenue and Broadway, handing out cards with pedestrian safety tips.

Volunteers offered advice like always crossing at an intersection, obeying the “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” signals, looking both ways before crossing and being aware of your surroundings so as not to be a distracted walker.

“Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable users of our transportation system,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said. “Drivers and bicyclists need to look out for them and pedestrians should put away their electronic devices and keep their ‘Heads Up,’ especially when crossing a street,.”


  • Nick

    We could prevent bike on pedestrian accidents by actively seeking out red light runners and knocking them clean off their bikes mid-pedal. Since I started working downtown I have had several near misses with bicyclists while crossing with the WALK sign. If one of them ever brushes me they are in for a world of road rash pain.

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