Breaking News: 3 killed in Fort Collins shooting near CSU identified

‘That’s what we were waiting for:’ Father gets emotional call from student after Ore. shooting

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PORTLAND -- One student was killed at the hands of a shooter at a high school near Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday morning, police agencies said.

The suspected shooter is also dead, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office said. It was not immediately clear how the shooter died.

In the video above, a KGW-TV reporter records the moment when father Craig Tuholski gets a call from his student saying they are okay.

Tawnjia Reimer, next to him, smiles and says, "I can breathe."

Tuholski ended the brief call saying "I'm glad you're okay. Alright. I love you."

When asked by a reporter about the call, the father said, "Well, we were sure he was okay but you know, to finally confirm it you know, just like you guys you have to confirm everything because it's done so...much better."