Map: 74 school shootings since Newtown

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The group Every Town for Gun Safety, which advocates for policies it believes limit gun violence, released a list of school shootings since the late-2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The group said there have been 74 shootings in the US since that date. The map below lists the cities were each took place.

All told, there has been nearly one shooting per week in the year and a half since Newtown.

Everytown identifies a school shooting as any instance in which a firearm was discharged within a school building or on school grounds, sourced to multiple news reports per incident. The data includes assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings.

Georgia has the most amount of school shootings, with 10 shootings reported.

Of the shootings, 35 took place at a college or university, while 39 took place in K-12 schools.


  • Tracy

    Yes, and every one of those locations is a “gun-free zone” or another name for it is killing zone. Stop blaming the inanimate object and put the blame on the mentally disturbed people who use them. In addition, why not have armed safety officers and teachers (those who desire to be) in our schools. Many banks have armed guards and high-end security systems to protect our money. Aren’t our children worth far more than that?!?!

    • leslie

      This map is a joke! They do not even know what state they are talking about!! An example is Westminister that is shown as being in Colorado and the written explanation says that it is in Maryland!! Which is correct?

  • Kayla

    That doesn’t even make sense Tracy. Most school shootings are done by kids that were able to get their hands on these guns. Yes they may be sick, but they would not have been able to do what they did had that gun not been around. So yea, let’s introduce more guns to the world. Sounds like an awesome plan!

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good Let introduce more. 99.9% of the students in these schools are good, so the crazies will think twice about shooting the school when we allow all of them to carry guns at school.

  • Anonymous

    McDaniel College is not in Colorado, it is in Maryland. Check your facts before posting a story.

  • Against gun control

    Yeah lets limit guns…. because we all know that the criminals follow the laws! So stupid… banning guns will only make them more appealing to the criminals. Why are so many people so ignorant to think that a gun ban will prevent this stuff from happening! You all feel so unsafe with guns out there… well how safe are you going to feel when only the criminals are carrying them? Banning guns will not stop this stuff from happening. Get a clue!!!

  • colocaver

    This map seems to indicate that most of these shootings are occurring in Liberal leaning states and other “Gun Free” zone cities – The “red” states seem to have few to obviously none, and these are the places the gun-crazy wingnuts are supposed to reside. Liberal logic should conclude that the areas with less totalitarian gun control measures should be ripe with violence, murder and death at the hands of guns and the crazy people who keep them. However, the problems seem to be concentrated where the Liberalism.

    • Anonymous

      Except for the fact that you have to account for population size. It would make sense that their would be higher instances of gun violence in an area where there is a higher population ie the northeast. The correlation you are making is just an assumption with little to no actual empirical evidentiary support. Correlation without causation. That’s liberal logic for a republican too narrow minded to think outside your little square.

      • colocaver

        Or possibly the evil republicans in those states are responsible and respect their firearms? Why are the crimes happening in “Gun Free” and liberal states? There should be ZERO occurrences with the laws in those states! Why isn’t this occurring oh wise liberal one? It must be justified by the higher population, right?

        The fact remains the majority of these crimes happen where liberal laws were supposed to end these tragedies! The fact remains that these crimes simply don’t occur in the presence of armed and polite portions of our society.

        These cowards know they can walk all over the innocent because feeble minded liberal laws have created killing zones where any killer – whether armed with a firearm or any other weapon, can take out their pent up rage without fear of retribution – until someone ARMED whether a citizen or cop comes on the scene – and the premeditated suicide occurs. Every time unless someone subdues the criminal.

        Your problem is the situational ethics that Liberals have poisoned the minds of our youth with – and your own.

        and here are the results!

  • twana jones

    Most of those shootings were unrelated to School activities . Drive by shootings ect .Debunked as propaganda . Ft Pierce was a car chase that ended up @ a college ” Baldwin said he believes the man ending up at the college was just a coincidence.”

  • Blanche Welton

    If I read the article correctly “school shooting” doesn’t specify legal/illegal; a rifle team practicing on campus qualifies as a “school shooting” by this method. As do police firing at a school to stop a crime/criminal, putting down a wild animal, etc. Not very truthful, merely inflating hysteria.
    Anyone who believes ANY laws will stop crime is delusional. People will always find ways to kill others and become infamous. Stop trying to take away courageous people’s method of self-defense. The old saw “well getting rid of some guns helps” is b.s. It helps CRIMINALS realize their prey is unarmed. It inhibits LEGAL citizens from gaining some measure of protection.
    If you don’t understand this, you are blinded by dreams and wishes of unicorns and fairies, everyone living peacefully and lovingly together, and believe the Clintons were “dead broke.”

  • Anonymous

    Wow KDVR, here’s a thought… instead of just relaying propaganda, why not exercise a little journalistic integrity and conducting some research of your own. The real story here would be the results of what you will find.

  • Bob

    I thought KDVR ran some ads saying they weren’t going to be the “everything is scary” news anymore, then you spread these easily debunked lies from Blomberg’s third gun ban bankroll? The media wouldn’t even wait an hour to push the gun ban narrative, but seems to think there’s no problem that we have these people taking antipsychotics and antidepressants and suddenly think it’s OK to murder people at random. Obviously it’s a very low rate of these side effects, but not even worth mentioning?

  • Jennifer C

    How many of these shooters were spoiled brats and taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug for ADHD or depression?? Parents have to start doing a better job of raising their children – Society is suffering. Guns were around 50 years ago but these shootings weren’t happening, hmmm.

  • James B. Towle

    Whatever the reason Dave…. I have been advocating opening Sub Stations (police) in every school. Think about it…it would put LE in plain view and in every neighborhood.

  • Charles

    Not to dismiss the horror of the New Town or any other incident, but the data is skewed here. For example, according to WBRC in Birmingham AL. the shooting on the Stillman College campus “stemmed from an argument over money owed on a bet.” Hardly the result of a mentally ill person or indiscriminant mass shooting.

    BTW…”School officials released a statement which read in part that before this incident there had been no violent crimes on campus for 13 years. They added that there is a zero tolerance policy for guns on campus and students undergo a mandatory room check twice a week.”

    I agree we need more mental health care in this country, but we also need to not distort the facts to make the US look like it is full of a bunch of savages.

  • Crimson

    Comparing and using the map on this site:

    They stated 74… but on the map I counted 66. Also, some incidents where you click on the location it was placed at the wrong state (i.e .Kentucky(KY) incident was found in Texas, Maryland(MD) incident was found in Colorado, New Mexico (NM) incident was found in Georgia.) What happened to the other 8 school shootings? Were there double counts on the same schools?. They stated Georgia has the most Reported (10), but on the map it shows 6. Whereas, Florida has 7 school shooting incidents (so far the most that I seen). Whoever created the map has done a horrible job and makes me wonder if the data collected is true…

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