Aurora is best city in America for working women, study says

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AURORA, Colo. -- If you’re looking for a job—and you’re a woman—Aurora may be the place to go.

A study by NerdWallet looked at 61 large cities with populations over 300,000 people.

Aurora came out number one.

One entrepreneur who’s been in Aurora for decades understands why Aurora took the top spot.

“We’re in our 10th year of business,” says Yvonne Costin, who founded Grandma’s Handyman Service after retiring about 10 years ago.

“If you can’t do it yourself, we can do it for you,” she says.

The 74-year-old has seen the acceptance of working women blossom since moving to Aurora in 1973.

“I came out here, I literally was laughed at. “Ha, ha, ha. We don’t work women above a secretarial capacity,’” she mimics a previous job interviewer.

Today, she’s in charge of six technicians—one a woman—who she pays the same as the men.

It’s one reason NerdWallet honors Aurora as the best large city for women in the workforce.

Women make 95.44% of what a man makes for the same job in Aurora.

The median salary for women is $39,712.

And population growth of 4.81% from 2009-2012 shows job growth potential.

“In the last couple of years, we have seen more than 30 companies expand or relocate here bringing 4,400 new jobs and over $4 million in economic benefit,” says Aurora spokesperson Kim Stuart.

She says they are cutting-edge careers.

“We have a big focus on aerospace, healthcare, bioscience research, alternative energies, many, many industries offer great, rewarding career opportunities,” says Stuart.

For Costin, a grandma of seven, the rewards in her industry include award after award that line the walls and shelves of her office--along with the gratitude of her workers.

“One of the perks is the technicians give me a hug when they leave,” she laughs.

Aurora says its low cost of living is another plus—with a median rent of $941.

Aurora was the only Colorado city to have made the list of 522 small, medium and large cities nationwide.

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