Two die, three hurt after woman drops cellphone into toilet pit

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Courtesy: MGNOnline

Courtesy: MGNOnline

XINXIANG CITY, China — Two people were killed and three were injured after a woman dropped her cellphone into a sewage pit in China.

The South China Morning Post, reported that happened after the woman went to use an open-pit toilet and dropped her new phone.

Her husband tried getting the phone but fell unconscious because of the smell from the knee-deep sewage. His mother then jumped in to rescue her son, but she also fainted.

The woman who dropped the phone went into the pit and passed out, as did the woman’s father-in-law and two neighbors jumped in; they all also fell unconscious.

Finally, other neighbors lowered a rope into the pit and pulled out the six victims, but the woman’s husband and mother-in-law died at the hospital, where a doctor said they had suffocated.

One neighbor remained in an intensive care unit.



  • Robert Gift

    How terribly sad.
    Could not have suspected that carbon dioxide or ammonia build-up could displace oxygen enough to asphyxiate?

    NEVER go into such any such space without first airing it out.
    Then, don’t go in alone and un tethered.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ I’ve been to China. Can see how this could happen.
      People, including firefighters, have died from asphyxiation in such “confined space” rescues also in the USA.
      If you ever see someone collapse in a trench or hole or other similar space, suspect displaced O2.
      Don’t go in alone or un tethered.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Tragic when rescuers do not realize the cause of the victim fainting and also die trying to help.
      Even firefighters had died in such rescue attempts because they did not don Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (Air packs).
      If I ever see someone unconscious in such a situation, I will first call 9-1-1 and get help on the way.
      Hyperventilate and hold my breath
      Open all doors/windows to let oxygen to diffuse in. Attempt rescue.
      If able to pull the victim only a few feet, get out and away from gasses, repeat hyperventilation and rescue attempts.

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