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Jack Elway pleads not guilty to assault charge in fight with girlfriend; trial set for Aug. 6

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DENVER — Jack Elway, the son of Broncos general manager John Elway, pleaded not guilty in a domestic violence case and his court appearance scheduled for Thursday was canceled.

A jury trial was scheduled for Aug. 6. Jack Elway is charged with disturbing the peace and assault charges.

Jack Elway was arrested after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend of one year to the ground and tore out pieces of her hair during a fight while they were driving on West Colfax Avenue near North Lipan Street early Saturday morning, according to a police affidavit.

The affidavit claims Jack Elway stopped the vehicle and pulled the woman out by her hair. Some of the woman’s real hair and hair extensions were ripped out during the incident, the affidavit says. When the woman tried to stand and get back into the vehicle, Jack Elway allegedly pushed her back to the ground.

Elway then allegedly left the scene northbound through the Auraria Campus, police said. The woman contacted the Auraria Campus Police Department and reportedly told officers Elway was at an address listed to his fatherĀ in Cherry Hills Village. He was later arrested without incident, police said.

A protection order was issued for the alleged victim.


  • mroppressor

    How can I get on that jury, just in time for football season, a pair of Broncos season tickets for all jury members who vote not guilty? Me thinks so.

  • annpirie

    Usually it takes two to have a domestic violence and both are arrested. It sounds like he left the scene which is the best advice in order to resolve the conflict. My advice is walk away rather than have a struggle. I have to wonder what the whole story is really about. Men rarely admit to be abused.

  • cssidenver

    The apologists are at it already “….takes two to have a domestic violence…”. Oh? From what I’ve read only ONE of the parties was pulling hair out and pushing the lady down, not exactly chivalrous. Then he leaves her in an iffy area at that hour. Real men don’t treat their girl friends like that. “No comment” from the Broncos – well I would guess not – after all, what can they say?

  • Dee

    Of course he would plea not guilty, and yes it takes 2 two have a fight. But he handled it the WRONG !! way. When the 2 started getting into that anger state of mind then he should have pulled his car over and got out and called the police and have them get his girlfriend out of his car. But his anger took over and he pulled her out by her hair. Any time a person put’s hands on another person in anger, That is assault !!! He needs to Man up !!! and admit that he was wrong and Yes females can have a evil way of making a male mad but no one needs to put there hands on another out of anger. The court system needs to do what’s right and forget that his dad is John Elway. I also wonder why this kid is so angry !!!

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