Families of kids caught in runaway bounce house consider legal action

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DENVER -- Two Colorado families are considering lawsuits after two kids had a close call with a runaway bounce house.

The incident happened last week.

A 10-year-old girl was thrown from the bounce house right away. But Thursday night we're hearing from the 11-year-old boy who went along for quite the ride.

FOX31 Denver's Mark Meredith has new information from the boy's interview along with the dramatic video in his video report.


  • Jeremy

    In my opinion, anchoring it better would have done nothing more. That thing shouldn’t have been inflated and operating in winds like that. This is an issue of training the operator, not the installer.

    • Jeremy

      I bet they were approached by a lawyer that offered to do it pro bono for selfish gain, mainly to make a name for his or herself. If this happened to your kid, and someone called you up and said — “I think we can get 6-7 figures off this”… what would you say?

  • Denver

    I find it a joke that these families are trying to now get legal action.. You should know when you rent a jumpy castle you sign a contract that the company isn’t at fault or responsible for anyone getting hurt. Even if you don’t rent a jumpy castle, and they have on in the park and you pay for your children to get into one and they get hurt, still the company isn’t held responsible for the damages.

  • Dan Johnson

    Another case of very special kind of STUPID PARENTS that should not be parents. Lets see… the wind is coming up. Why not remove the kids at this time? Ah that would be using common sense. That these parents did not have. I want to be on the jury.

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