WATCH: Jack Russell Terrier vs. cape cobra

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  • Dorryn Swift

    Clearly the above posters dont seem to realize that Nature is violent and distasteful. Perhaps they advocate attempting to keep animals from being animals. Get over yourselves; it is not cruelty for a snake to do \what a snake does, nor for a dog to protect its family/home. The only thing endangered is your ability to rationally view the world.

    • MM

      Dorryn, do you support this? I would argue it is not rational to allow your dog, which should be attached to you in some emotional manner if you own it (or why would you), to fight a cobra in your backyard, knowing the risks involved. In reality as another mentioned a venomous cobra would have killed the dog, it was likely fixed. Your idea of rationality is absurd along with the person who supported you. This isn’t the wild, it is a DOMESTICATED dog, so please elaborate…. by your very own logic of rationality you could send a toddler to round up the snake, it’s just nature after all – a snake doing what it does and a child’s natural curiosity (just as an example). I sincerely hope you do not own any pets. What would be rational? Calling a professional, in case you were wondering.

      • Anonymous

        This is a Jack Russell who is doing what he was bred to do. There probably was some previous training done with the dog. Obviously this is not in the states and I would be willing to bet that this type of stuff happens in this country more than this one occcasion. So jump off that high horse until you know more about this type of animal behavior.

      • MM

        Your post is full of assumptions. Again explain how it is rational to allow a domesticated dog that you are emotionally attached to, to go and kill a cobra knowing there is a high risk involved. Because it happens more than once does not make it rational, nor does an assumption that a dog has some training because their is still an abundance of risk. There is no high horse, but there is an inability for you to support your logic. What is more logical is calling a professional, as mentioned above.

  • Me

    This is yet again another video where someone drugs,injures or uses a sick snake to create a shock moment. Do you remember all those Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom shows that involved snakes. Yep, all the snakes were sedated. Idiots.

  • David Jensen

    something was wrong with the snake. It wasn’t behaving like a snake or in particularly a cobra maybe it had a head injury of some sort. normally snakes wont let you out of their sight but the dog walked around him without detection. hmmmmmm

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