Protesters demand more pay for Walmart employees during rally

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Walmart employees say they need more pay to support their families and they're demanding action.

Local union workers came out Tuesday in support of Walmart employees who want higher pay. One mother who works for Walmart also walked off the job in protest Tuesday.

Jasmond Dixon led the rally. "Most Walmart workers get paid less than $25,000 per year and today in a Walmart economy that's not enough to survive."

"I like working at Walmart, I really do," She says. But she adds that even when working full time at the store, she can't afford to raise a family.

Walmart responded, saying, "Our associates are smart. They know what a good job is, and that's why 1.3 million of them have chosen to work for the company."

Walmart also says this rally is held every year during the company's annual shareholders conference. A spokesperson says the timing is not coincidental, and the union members who show up are usually offered incentives to be there in numbers.




  • marlayna packer

    I also work for walmart and as well as the cousin of jasmine Dixon I see what she goes threw all the er visits and how exhausted she is. Its scary and frustrating at the same time. I enjoy working but as a single mother I switched to walmart for better options and pay but still find myself living pay check to pay check.

    • Anonymous

      She’s pregnant and has a one year old. She says she can’t raise a family with that pay. WELL- DON’T HAVE ANOTHER BABY. !! There’s enough money to get nails done, though

  • Harold Seaward

    If it’s so bad, go find another job and shut up. And keep dreaming unions, it’ll never happen. I smile when I think of your shrinking numbers and impotent influence.

    • Fast45

      Agreed! First, people interview for a job at Walmart … They say something to the effect of “I’ll be a great employee; I really want to work here.” Then later on, they turn on the hand that feeds them and protest low wages. Why didn’t they protest the wages, when they were interviewing for the job?

      Go find a better job! There are still plenty of them out there … Oh, you don’t have any skills or education for the better job? Then shut up and be glad that places like Walmart are there for your untrained, entry-level self.

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