Paint your thumb red Wednesday: CDOT cracks down on distracted driving

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distracted driving

(Photo: MGN Online)

DENVER — Over the past week, three Colorado Department of Transportation vehicles were struck by public drivers and, since Jan. 1, 22 Colorado State Patrols cars have been hit.

According to CDOT, most of these accidents resulted from distracted driving.

Earlier in the year, CDOT launched the Red Thumb Reminder campaign to create more awareness around the dangers of distracted driving. During the campaign, CDOT officials asked state employees, the media and the public to paint their thumbnails red as a reminder to down the phone while operating a vehicle.

CDOT re-issued the request, asking people to once again paint their thumbnails red Wednesday to continue efforts to prevent accidents related to distracted driving.

The entire state has been asked to get involved and to post pictures featuring their painted thumbnails to Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #redthumbreminder, #SaveCDOTcrews and #moveover.

In March, Colorado lawmakers began a conversation about the dangers of texting and surfing the web on the phone while driving, considering making it illegal to use a cell phone behind the wheel.


  • dougsmith42

    And this isn’t a LAW already because…?????? Statistics show for every 100,000 people who are distracted while driving, only 1 gets caught. Laws are about useless these days. #uselessLaws

  • Robert Gift

    I know a man who piants all of his nails red, all the time.
    Such dedication to the cause, yes?

    Texting driver started drifting right toward my vehicle. (I tapped the horn and moved right and prevented contact.)
    Why was the driver not having his FRONT SEAT PASSENGER text for him?

  • colocaver

    Playing by the morals of the anti-gun lobby we should be banning all texting devices without delay! Even if it saves just one life, it is worth it.

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