One teenager killed, three others injured in Fort Lupton car crash

FORT LUPTON, Colo. -- One teenager was killed and three others were injured early Tuesday morning when the vehicle they were riding in lost control and slammed into a parked van, the Fort Lupton Police Department said.

Fort Lupton Police Chief Ken Poncelow said one of the injured teenagers was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Aurora and the other two were transported to local hospitals in ambulances.

One of the two 14-year-old passengers in the back seat died in the crash that happened about 2 a.m. at Park Avenue and Ninth Street. The car slammed into a van and ended up in a yard, and investigators believe the driver was going too fast around a corner and lost control.

The names of the victims have not been released, pending notification of next of kin. Besides the two 14-year-olds in the back seat, the driver was 16 years old and the passenger in the front seat was 12, police said.

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  • ft lupton resident

    I Use this corner daily an theres no way this is an accident….I watched a car full of teens attempt to drift on denver ave…I’m certain this is more of that stupidity….

  • Kathy Robison

    That 16 year old better be held accountable quite obvious he was going extremely extremely fast; why were they out at 2 am? Seems a little late for 12 and 14 year olds especially.

      • Maureen Martin

        This entire situation is just sad. Prayers to the family that lost the child and to those who have a long recovery ahead. Yes I question why they were so young and out late, but do you watch your children after you go to bed? Did you not ever sneak out as a child? This is what happens. The 16 year old is not to blame. They are not experienced enough at 16 to know exactly what could happen. You can’t blame anyone. It just happened. Believe me the three others will live with this the rest of their lives and the 16 year old probably will never Want to drive again. So shame on you for putting blame on anyone of them………………….

      • Anonymous

        Its not their fault? My car has never just lost control on its own.. driver error caused this accident.

  • Stacey

    My question is this…… Why is there a 16 year old, (2) 14 year olds and a 12 year old out at 2am??

    • Anonymous

      don’t talk about my friends like that. we are all heart broken and all very close. we are a family. don’t assume one person is accountable. its all are faults. don’t sit there and just and talk about them do something. there in really bad condition and your here talking down on them. just stop

      • there friend

        Just be nice about it I’m heart broken those kids in the car wreck I hang out with everyday. These guys were my family we all cared for eachother.

      • Friends?

        Your friends? Obviously you aren’t that good of a friend or you wouldn’t have let them get into a car at 2 AM. Too bad you weren’t in the car too!

      • Anonymous

        One person is accountable! Look at the impact of this accident! That is more than what is the speed limit 30??? Reckless driving and vehicular manslauder! Plus the parents should be accountable!!! It’s summer yes but 2am!!! Put your kids in check. I know it’s ghetto fort lupton but come on

    • Madison

      Although I was not close with these four boys (and I only knew three out of the four), I knew their parents pretty well and chances are that they did not know that they were out in a car that early. Stop judging their parents and help them through it.

    • m.m.s.

      Really, they were teens that snuck out after their parents fell asleep. How dare you blame these parents!!! You don’t think all the parents are suffering enough right now? You know they see these comments. Shame on all of you!!!!!!!!

    • Maureen Martin

      Because they snuck out like ALL teens do… I am sure their parents were not aware …………

  • Anonymous

    Seat belts mught save, but the bigger piece was the choices these adolescents made, that cost one their life, the others medical issues and the families, friends and community the psychological and emotional scarring that poor choices create. I pray for these children and their families and friends, that they will recover physically, mentally and emotionally from this incident. Let this unfortunate situation be a change agent for the teenagers involved, as well as other teenagers engaging in negative activities, to make better choices that promote safety for themselves and others.

      • Anonymous

        Just read the whole thing and it looks like it was the driver being reckless. A new driver should not have that many passengers in the car and 12 and 14 year olds shouldn’t be out at 2am….seriously. These kid’s parents are idiots and should be investigated and held responsible for allowing their kids out that late. Ever heard of a curfew?

    • Anonymous

      This story is loaded with poor choices. A 12yr old has no right being out at 2am poor choice on the parents. Driving to fast around a turn poor choice on the drivers behalf. You’re not going 2mi over the limit and causing damage. The choices of these individuals caused this accident not Mother Nature . It’s an unfortunate loss of life and my thoughts are with all involved and affected by this tragedy.

  • there friend

    Just be nice about it I’m heart broken those kids in the car wreck I hang out with everyday. These guys were my family we all cared for eachother.

  • Anonymous

    All of the parents of these kids should be charged with Neglect. What kind of parent let’s their kid out at 2 AM or not know where their kids are at 2 AM. These same parents allow their kid to get in the car with a 16 year old driver, at 2 AM? I agree the parents are at FAULT!!! You killed your kid, not this driver!!!

    • Mary

      Because kids NEVER sneak out of the house after hours even in the best of homes, right ANONYMOUS? If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale you might be interested in.

      • Patricia

        absolutely Mary….Some of these people are just idiots and I will leave this page now because I don’t want to get into an argument with ignorant people. Hope you have a great day :-)

  • ConcernedMom

    This news is definitely heartbreaking and the accident avoidable….take note of the comments by “friends”….there friend, it should be their, many state this is family, has the “family” unit been redefined in the generation gimme? This accident is the result of what will become generation failure.

  • anonymous

    First of all, how the hell did a 16yr old kid get the keys to a 350+ hp V8 powered sports sedan?That’s irresponsible as hell. Secondly, in my state, 16 yr olds can’t be on the road past midnight. And third, where the hell are the parents to keep their kids at home at 2am? I’m sorry but I have no compassion for stupid. If they were out obeying the laws and not show boating. And got caught up in an accident that’s one thing. But driving like idiots in a car more powerful than they can handle. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Maureen Martin

      WOW I hope you watch your children every minute of every day or lock them up where they can’t sneak out or do anything wrong. Sh– happens… everyday, quit pointing the fingers at someone. Were you there? Were you a witness? No so shut your mouth …………..

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of the why’s this is tragic… It amazes me at the amount of people willing to degrade and belittle the parents and the teens involved in this horrific crash. We wonder why this world is falling apart, yet all you really have to do is read the horrible ways in which we talk to each other… And then there is the obvious lack of compassion for life that so many people seem to show for others life. At this point the damage is done, a boy has died, and three others are injured. What ever happened to simple condolences and wishing someone to get better. Or bringing peace to the families of these 4 boys? Such a sad reality we live in. But here is a question for all of you who feel the need to belittle and tear down these families… How would you all react if that was your son or daughter who died… Would you be glad she died? If not, then why be glad it was someone else’s child. To the families involved… May God be with you through these very difficult times and the difficult times that are still come. May the three boys have a speedy recovery. My condolences the family of the boy who lost his life in this horrific tragedy

    • Concerned Mom in Brighton

      What a horrific tragedy. Regardless of who was at fault, what has happened to our society that we cannot offer condolences, only blame and total disregard for others feelings. Shame on all of you who are so busy pointing out the errors, and placing blame. Bless all of you who actually care that 4 young lives have been changed forever. My prayers and sympathy go out to all who are affected by this, family and friends alike.

      You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. Romans 2:1

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievably sad. I feel for all the parents involved.
    That said – The 16 year old driver was going approximately 60 – 70 mph and tried turning a corner. And he had too many kids in the car according to his permit. One life ended and lot of other lives just changed with this boy’s decision. I don’t know what the parents allowed or didn’t allow, I just feel bad for them.

  • Jamie

    I am sure we all can agree that poor choices were made, but I pray for the victims involved and their families. It is a tragic event and hope that it is prevented for future children. Let’s not condemn but rather lift the people up in prayers.

  • Ex-Resident

    Some of you are incredibly ignorant and incomprehensively arrogant.

    Regardless of if it was an accident or the result of careless driving, it is absolutely disgusting the way some of the “ADULTS” on here are talking to and about children. One of the children involved passed away. My prayers are with all of them and their families.

  • Anonymous

    We need to ban cars for kids. Both times I’ve been hit in Colorado were by underage children. One barely had a permit and the other was too young.

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for those who were injured and to the young man who died and prayers for the families who are suffering. So sad…..

  • Madison

    It’s kind of sad that all of you are insulting them and deciding that they are ‘so reckless’ and that their parents are ‘terrible’ and ‘to blame,’ when in reality, I bet that a small majority of you actually know them. I went to school with three of those kids and chances are, their parents most likely had no idea that they were driving around at two in the morning. Why don’t we all help this family and these teenagers through this time of need. Pray for them, comfort their family members, anything. Stop being so ignorant. Stop critiquing their lifestyles and what they did and start to help them through it.


    I will be talking to my 14 year old son about this tonight. Parents – know where your children are, it’s your responsibility! Prayers to everyone involved.

  • mom of three teenagers

    Parents are responsible- well should be. To blame one is not right. It doesn’t sound like a gun was held to these kids to make the choices they did. Kids sneak out, hey we have all done it once. This is unfortunate and I pray for the families and more so for the driver as that person has 60 years to have to live with themself. As for all you friends, guys learn from your friends mistake, take responsibility for your actions and most important- think smart! Prayers to all who suffer from a typical teenage action tragedy!

  • Sheila

    Well I was just reading through the comments and I am disgusted at all the “holier than thou” attitudes. Probably by people who do not have teens, if you have kids, wait your day is coming!
    First, the parents didn’t let their boys out at 2 a.m.
    Did you ever sneak out as a teen, I did! Second, I highly doubt the young man driving said, ” oh wouldn’t it be fun to crash this awesome car with all my best friends in it into a parked car”, therefore making it an accident! Third, at a tragic time like this, do you really think that being hateful, hurtful and saying things like “you should have been in the car too” really helps? No, but what it does do is it lets Satan know where to come knocking next, because now he knows whose heart and be easily swayed. I’ll pay for all you demented and sick people, it may buy you a few more days!
    So when your life takes a turn for the worst, look in the mirror and know why instead of saying “why me”.

  • Sandra Bloom

    This is so sad. But with reading all the post it makes me feel not just sad for the kids and parents but for all who think they have the right to judge any of them. Growing up i did a lot of stupid stuff never once till after though about what could of went wrong. There is now a parent that has to lay there child in the ground no matter for what reason it is still sad. i am not sure what this world has come too. But for real not your place to judge and you can have your opinions but i would think some of you would be old enough to respect what the familys are going threw and keep them to your self. With that said i send my deepest condolences to the family and friends.

  • anonymous

    I believe not only should the 16 year old be held accountable, but as should all 4 of the kids parents. Sounds like a common mistake of bad parenting, having no control over your kids what was any of them doing out at that time.

  • Jamie

    a life loss and 3 others in hospitals. all children. i have not heard what the cause of this accident was other than speed so it makes me wonder if this is a car that that had a recall. sticking accelerator? i send prays to this community in this time of a very sad tragedy.

  • Jamie

    praying for the family and friends. was this a car on the recall list for sticking accelerator?

  • Sherry P

    I understand the anger, fear, and compassion that has resulted from this tragedy. I think most of our initial reactions were why were these kids out at that time. After I thought about it though I thought about how my 26 year old son told me as an adult, that he used to sneak out of the house all of the time. I was shocked. We were strict parents with good control of our kids, or so I thought. He always had a curfew and would come home and then sneak out afterwards. It never dawned on me that he would sneak out after he got home, thus I never checked him again. Parents beware! I don’t want to judge these parents about what I don’t know. What is important now is to pray for the kids that are still hospitalized. To my understanding as of yesterday two of them are still in perilous, possible life threatening situations. I pray for a full recovery for them all and I pray for that 16 year old. I’m afraid he has a life of hell ahead of him for a child decision. At 55 I have a new understanding of how young 16 is. The whole situation is very sad.

  • Patricia

    Obviously the people judging the parents don’t have kids or have NEVER made bad choices or known someone that has made bad choices when they were younger. This is horrible for all involved and it is a shame that a child lost his life. I am sure the parent of the car had no clue their car was out or any of the parents knew their child was on a joy ride. Pray for these families and especially the family of the child that was lost. People amaze me, these are children and families just like you and me and just because you think you raise your children right and think you know everything they are doing, you DONT….Show some compassion people and just pray this type of tragedy doesn’t come knocking on your door…

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