Hot weather ramps up flood concerns; more closures in Greeley

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GREELEY, Colo. -- Warm weather is making runoff and flooding a big issue and people in Greeley could soon have no choice but to leave their homes if the situation gets worse.

"People that live off of the river, they think they are safe, but the water can back up through other drainage ares or low spots," said Joel Hemesath, the city of Greeley's public works director.

"It's bad, it smells, there's no electricity , you cant really do much," said Karen Gutierrez, who lives in a voluntary evacuation zone. "It's not just my mom. The neighbors, the owners, the people over there, everything is gone."

It's not just homes that are affected. The water has surrounded cars, too. The city continues to watch the Cache la Poudre River closely.

On Tuesday morning, new closures were put into place:

* 25th Avenue from F to O streets;

* D Street from 11th to 4th avenues (Island Grove Park east entrance);

* Island Grove Park (portions are underwater, including Field 5 Sports Field)

The two voluntary evacuation notices are still in effect:

* F Street on the north, Second Street on the south, 35th Avenue on the west and 25th Avenue on the east.

* Fifth Street on the north, Seventh Street on the south, Sixth Avenue on the west and the Poudre River on the east.

The trail and open space closures include the trail from 11th Avenue west to Windsor; Rover Run dog park; Poudre Ponds Recreational Fishery; and the Poudre Trail parking lot, trail head and open space at 71st Avenue.

The road closures in Greeley include:

* Fifth Street from Highway 85 to Fifth avenue;

* Sixth Avenue from the Poudre Bridge to Third Street;

* 35th Avenue from F to O streets;

* 71st, 83rd and 95th avenues at the Poudre River.