More poisoned meatballs found, apparently targeting dogs

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Police were investigating another apparent case of deliberate dog poisoning Sunday night.

Longmont police  responding to the 400 block of Collyer Street discovered meatballs that appeared to have been tainted with rat poison, the Longmont Police Department reported.

The meat has not yet been tested, but officials said the contamination was "obvious."

A single dog was thought to have eaten some of the meat, but it did not show any immediate signs of illness.

In April, three dogs were sickened at a park in nearby Gunbarrel after eating similar meatballs.

Police warned residents in the area to check their yards for meatballs, and to take their pets to the vet if they exhibit unusual vomiting or lethargy.


  • Anonymous

    “A single dog was thought to have eaten some of the meat but did not show any immediate signs of illness”, if this is really the case, someone please let the homeowner know the dog should be tested by a vet immediately. Rat poison is a slow killer, taking up to a week in some cases, with no signs of sickness. Then by the time your dog shows signs of being sick, the effects are irreversible. I know, because 4 years ago I lost a 6 month old Lab to rat poison, then a year later someone poisoned my other 4 Lab’s, and killed my neighbors dog with it.

    • dmailand

      Why would someone do that? Oh I know, you had not 1 but 4 obnoxious dogs, really, 4? I wonder if they would have done that if your dogs did not impact their life. To poison an animal is horrible. But don’t deflect your own responsibility. Do you work? Some people work so they need to be able to enjoy the precious free time they have. If I had 4 dogs, I would think that I would have someone at home quite frequently to manage them.

      • Jack

        If you have kids and they have your genes I bet they are pretty obnoxious too. I hope someone poisons them one day you sick waste of space.

  • Bonnie

    Sounds like the surveillance camera business is in for a surge. I sure would be keeping a close watch on my yard/ally or whatever. What a sick hater. OR is this only the beginning of something more???

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