John Elway’s son arrested on assault, disturbing the peace charges

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DENVER — Jack Elway, the son of Denver Broncos executive John Elway, was arrested Saturday morning on misdemeanor charges of assault and disturbing the peace, the Denver County Jail confirmed.

Twenty-four-year-old John “Jack” Elway III was released later Saturday on $550 bond, police said.

The alleged incident happened about 1:30 a.m. near Colfax Avenue and Lipan Street, according to the Denver Police Department.

The alleged victim, a woman, contacted the Auraria Campus Police Department, and reportedly told officers that Elway was at an address listed to his father in Cherry Hills Village.

A protection order was issued for the alleged victim.

“This is a personal family matter and the Broncos will not have any additional comment on it,” said Patrick Smyth, Director of Media Relations for the team.



  • Fred Cashew

    We continually look up toward these football players etc. as being role models. Look at his son, it is evidence not proof Mr. Elway was not a good role model. And look at the photo of John Elway, his T-shirt. OH MY!! Sometimes a picture could be worth a thousand words.

    • Jodi Allen

      When does a parent not be blamed for what their children do? I would assume when they are legal age, their actions, and decisions are theirs alone. Jack Elway is 24 yrs old, he’s a big boy now. As for the T shirt……hmmmmm maybe it’s not his? Perhaps he was on the boat and had no dry clothes so he borrowed it? Maybe it’s his, who cares? Little quick to judge and place blame are ya?

    • Anonymous

      You are the most ignorant person in the world for making a ridiculous comment like that! Ha…. Idiot

    • A

      Apparently you do not have children because this young man is an adult, and at 24 years old should be held responsible for HIS OWN actions. It has nothing to do with how he was parented or the role models he has. Most of us do not make the news when a misdemeanor has occurred. We do not know the circumstances leading up to this or the entire story… And NO I am not a criminal, nor are my adult children!

  • Are you Effin` kidding me?

    Get Eli Stokols on this! This has to be because of his father`s political leanings. Maybe fracking or the lax gun laws caused this!

  • Dee

    lol !!! To Funny !!! So now let’s just wait and see if the court’s will let him get off on these charges because of who his father is or if they will treat him like the rest of us and give him a fine and some anger management classes. lol !!! this cracks me up !!

  • Snarky Cosmos

    The only reason this non-news made the headlines is because the Great God Elway’s son was arrested, which means Jack Elway will make a good Donkey employee since he now has an arrest record, which seems to be a team requirement.

    Any other rich non-celebrity’s kid wouldn’t have made the news.

  • annpirie

    I have to ponder why the police were not called at the time of the incident. Was it hind-thought to decide to report it after the fact. And, if so, why.

    • annpirie

      And, then I have to further ponder why Auraria was called when it is clearly in Denver’s District One. I have too much to wonder about in this incident. One and one isn’t two.

  • Dee/ Freedom of Speech

    Any other person would have a hard time finding work with this assault charge on there record, but im sure this “kid” wont have any trouble finding work, Oh !! and I find it funny how the media had to put in the word “misdemeanor”. to make it sound less serious and also the victim is a women. Wow !! this Kid also should get some kind of community service doing work with females so he can learn that kind of respect. Great job Elway on the up bringing and keep up the good work lol !!!

  • Marvin Ott

    Who cares? Not the first time, won’t be the last. Happens everyday. The money and fame aspect? That’s life. Money will buy you anything, and therefore, out of anything.

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  • Lisa Lisa

    I understand the need to place John Elway’s son in the new even though it has nothing to do with John, what I am scratching my head about is that he is getting a disturbing the peace charge? Wow! If it were an ordinary citizen paying taxes , we would be in a DV class on probation and paying all kinds of legal fees! It is really ridiculous. I guess that’s what happens when you are rich and have money! You don’t get charges like regular people. It realy upsets me that the law is only prevalent to those who dont HAVE MONEY!

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