WATCH: Inconsolable goat jumps for joy when reunited with friend

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VACAVILLE, Calif. -- A couple of weeks ago, Mr. G the goat was inconsolable.

Ever since he was rescued from the home of a hoarder in Southern California and taken to Animal Place Sanctuary in Vacaville, he did nothing but mope around and refused to eat.

He wasn't sick, so it was a mystery until Jan Galeazzi says she learned Mr. G had a long-lost friend -- a small donkey named Jellybean.

"Animal control said he was raised with a burro and they were best friends," Galeazzi said. "And when they were separated, the burro really brayed and cried a lot and we said 'Oh my God maybe he's grieving at the loss of his friendship.'"

Animal Place acted quickly. A volunteer drove 14 hours round trip to bring Jellybean up from Southern California. The YouTube video of the reunion has more than 3 million views.

"He was suddenly up, lively," Galeazzi said. "You could see his nostrils flaring. His eyes lighting up when she's being unloaded."

Once they finally reunited, an amazing transformation.

Not only did Mr. G perk up, but he decided it was time to eat again.

"Animals have all the emotions that humans do, they form the same sort of bonds and relationships that we do, they feel love, they feel friendship, they feel companionship, they feel sadness, they feel grieving, they feel loss, and sometimes in a more powerful way than I've seen humans express," Animal Place wrote on the YouTube video.

And Mr. G and Jellybean are quite happy, once again.