Commissioners ask El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa to resign

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. -- Almost a week after allegations of affairs and budget impropriety surfaced against El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, the county's commissioners officially asked their top lawman to resign, according to reports.

The Colorado Springs Gazette, which broke the report of the allegations against Maketa, was the first to report the five commissioners voted unanimously before issuing their request for resignation.

While the commissioners acknowledged Maketa is innocent until proven guilty, they went on to state that the allegations against the sheriff had created a "disruption" in efficient functions of the Sheriff's Office.

The typically-outspoken Maketa, one of the state's most popular Republicans, has yet to comment on the commissioners' request or the allegations against him, which surfaced last Friday.

At the heart of those allegations was a formal complaint filed with the commissioners by three of Maketa's commanders.

The complaint alleges Maketa had affairs with three of his subordinates, inappropriately promoted those women to top paying jobs, removed almost all oversight from and misspent his office’s tax-payer-provided $60 million budget and intimidated employees who reportedly threatened to blow the whistle about his alleged misdeeds.

Having served as El Paso County Sheriff for 12 years, Maketa will be unable to seek an additional term as sheriff. But he had previously stated that he had not ruled out running for another political office.

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  • annpirie

    Strange how this situation has been ongoing for years and years. But, dare to call the fire chief on how he handled the Black Forest Fire, making him a hero of which we all have a short memory, his name is now mud. I think that spells R E T A L I A T I O N!!!

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