Idea under discussion to combine Denver East, Manual high schools

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DENVER -- There is talk of creating an innovative partnership is on the drawing board that could bring East and Manual high school together.

School administrators are talking about the idea of renewing an affiliation from decades past that would team up students in the classroom and in sports.

Ninth graders would start at Manual, then integrate into East at 10th grade. It's an idea that's getting mixed reviews from students.

"What's the point? They're not going to get the experience of being at East if they have to go to Manual their freshman year then come to East their sophomore year not knowing what to do," says East student Keyshawn Ray.

"That team [East] was a much more successful team because they had a much larger pool to draw from. They won nine state championships in 15 years, from an athletic standpoint, I feel it could definitely benefit."

The district wants to assure parents and students there is no active plan in the works. Any changes would not happen until Fall 2015 at the earliest.