Front Range creeks, rivers running fast, high and dangerous

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GREELEY, Colo. --  Our recent storms, along with fast-melting snow are making for a dangerous situation on Front Range creeks and rivers.

In Greeley, the high and swift moving Poudre River ran out of banks Tuesday covering roads and forcing closures. A flood warning is up for the rivers running through Greeley until 9 a.m. Thursday.

It's more than one-quarter mile from the rivers normal flow path. It is not a welcome sight for homeowners who are wary after the flooding that hit in September.

"It's like is this the other shoe dropping what else do we have to do? I mean we had fire and then we had floods and now we got run-off ... you know what's next," says Greeley resident Tom Robb.

The Greeley Public Works Department is watching rising river levels closely, along with any roads, bridges or buildings that could be in danger.

Officials are encouraging everyone to stay as far away from the high water as possible.