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El Paso Commissioner wants Sheriff Maketa to resign

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Terry Maketa speaks to FOX31 Denver about Black Forest Fire Chief Bob Harvey and his handling of the Black Forest Fire.

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — An El Paso County Commissioner asked for Sheriff Terry Maketa to resign or place himself on paid administrative leave Tuesday after a Colorado Springs newspaper published allegations that Maketa had sexual relationships with three subordinates and promoted them to top jobs.

The commissioner, Peggy Littleton, made the request during a meeting, reported the Colorado Springs Gazette. Littleton said she was speaking for herself and not the board.

The commissioners launched an investigation last week into the allegations first published by the Gazette.

The FBI and 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office also have indicated they are looking into the allegations.

Three commanders in the Sheriff’s Office have filed formal complaints against Maketa. They allege he had affairs with three of his subordinates, inappropriately promoted those women to top paying jobs, removed almost all oversight from and misspent his office’s tax-payer-provided $60 million budget and intimidated employees who reportedly threatened to blow the whistle about his alleged misdeeds.

Maketa has not commented on the allegations, other than to tell the Gazette “I have never had an inappropriate sexual relationship with the three individuals you named.”


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