Mayor of Woodland Park arrested on child sex assault charge

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(Credit: Teller County Sheriff's Office)

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — Woodland Park Mayor  David J. Turley was arrested Friday on a felony charge of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, the Woodland Park Police Department announced.

Turley was booked into the Teller County Jail.  Bond was set at $ 10,000.

The details of the alleged crime were not immediately released. Police are aware of only a single alleged victim, Chief Robert Larson said.

The Colorado Springs Police Department  and the Teller County Department of Social Services were also involved in the case.

Woodland Park is a town of about 7,200 people northwest of Colorado Springs.


  • joanne

    $10,000 bond…..OMGosh! What, because he’s the mayor his bond is so low? Terrible!! What is that saying to the citizens of that town? He’s not above the law or anything else!!!! What a disgrace!!!!

  • Demetrius

    10,000 dollar bond. Are you kidding me? That’s what a DUI gets! So molesting a child apparently is not a bad thing in this country ? Because we let all these pedofils off with a slap on the hand. What joke our system is!!

  • Robert Winn

    Bond is usually based on the severity of the allegations and the risk of flight for the accused. I am guessing that he does not present much of a flight risk at all. Lets not forget that people get arrest and accused all the time with out ever committing a crime.

    • JoeCO

      Im assuming if they arrested the mayor then they not only thought the allegations were severe but weren’t just going off hearsay. Child molestation is right under murder on the sicko scale and should be treated as so. Not a flight risk? Your an idiot.

  • Dave F

    He falls in that special treatment ,, category so get over it ..legislation overpaid ,,I’ll talk privileged ,,,special treatment that’s what this countries become and we’re okay with it effing crazy……!!

  • Charles Ellis

    This is only an accusation, and false allegations of this type are not unusual. They may be the result of confabulation or deliberate lying, coaching, or maybe the kid didn’t make the team or get to play. Dave is a veteran who had a distinguished career in the Air Force and government, held the highest security clearances, and earned numerous medals and awards for risking his life serving his country. He has earned a presumption of innocence.

  • AgendaBuster

    HMmmmmmmm………. Does the Mayor know the Sheriff in El Paso county? How about that female teacher?
    I’m starting to think there is something in the water in Southern Colorado!!

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