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Lone finalist to be next Jeffco superintendent to meet with parents again

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Parents of a divided Jefferson County School District on Monday will meet with Dan McMinimee, who appears on his way to becoming superintendent.

There are many parents who are upset because after a nationwide search, the Jefferson County School Board came up with one candidate, who is set to meet with families Monday afternoon at Carmody Middle School in Lakewood.

After last week's meet-and-greet, another contentious crowd is expected.

McMinimee, who is assistant superintendent in Douglas County, was instantly swarmed by concerned parents as he closes in to become Jefferson County's next superintendent.

Parents who packed at room at Wheat Ridge High School last week want McMinimee, who at times appeared frustrated during the meeting, to open up about his priorities and clear up their uncertainty.

Expect much of the same Monday afternoon when he meets with families for a second time.

"I went and competed for the job during the interview and I'm not going to apologize for being the sole candidate," McMinimee said.

Many parents are skeptical in the divided school district. A rally on Wadsworth Boulevard showed support to students and teachers -- and frustration with the conservative school board majority.

"I think there's people who have this picture of somebody just coming in and rubber stamping things and I think I've made it pretty clear that's not what I'm all about," McMinimee said.

McMinimee says he's prepared to lead Colorado's second-largest school district and bridge the gaps that have developed.

This after negotiations with teachers stalled, the superintendent resigned and the search for a replacement led to one finalist.

McMinimee has been with the Douglas County School District for 12 years.


  • Dr. Matt Spencer

    Sometimes one or more domineering members of the Board of Education turn a deaf ear to the community, abandoning the honorable perspective of serving the needs and desires of the students, parents and citizens they were elected to represent. Rather, these board members choose more self-serving desires. When this occurs, citizens are essentially powerless to control a board in this mode of operation. Tragically, the self-serving agendas of these Board members trigger a downward spiral with devastating effects on the quality of education of children. The unfortunate reality when this occurs is that the high quality education is systematically stolen from them. Dr. Matt Spencer http://www.egconsulting.us

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