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Denver Zoo adds female clouded leopard cub

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DENVER -- The Denver Zoo added a female clouded leopard cub over the weekend.

The unnamed cub was born April 10 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va. She arrived at the Denver Zoo on May 17 and soon will be introduced to the zoo's other clouded leopard cubs, Pi and Rhu.

“This move is critically important to ensuring the long-term success of this species," said Rebecca McCloskey, the Denver Zoo's assistant curator of Elephant Passage. "Through collaborative research between the SCBI’s Dr. Jo Gayle Howard, Nashville Zoo and scientists in Thailand, we have learned that cubs must socialize with other cubs at an early age in order to be receptive to breeding as adults. With few cubs in zoos this is a very important step to ensuring a stable long-term population.”

It has not been determined if the cub will be matched to breed with Pi as adults. Zookeepers just want to socialize the cub with other young members. It's not known how long the three cubs will stay at the zoo.