Man exonerated after being convicted of murder twice

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NEW ORLEANS -- 61-year-old Reginald Adams was exonerated Monday after being convicted of murder twice and spending 34 years in jail, according to WGNO.

The District Attorney's Office apologized to Adams, dismissing his case because of "intentional misconduct on part of police and prosecutors."

Video courtesy WGNO.


  • titanium

    So, does this mean that he could still have done the murders but the police/prosecutors use shady tactics? Or, he was innocent all along?

  • Dale Gross

    Notice how no one convicted of anything less than murder is ever exonerated. If you have to do 60 years in prison as an innocent man/woman, the system has no qualms. The justice system is corrupt beyond anything you can imagine. They’ve got infinite ways to secure a conviction.

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