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Welker responds to report of $15,000 overpayment from major Derby win

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DENVER — Wes Welker’s big win on Derby Day lands at the center of a Churchill Downs debate.  The Bronco’s receiver hauled in more than $57,000 after the race to later learn not all that money was rightfully his.

Now, Churchill Downs is back-tracking.

“Exacta, trifecta, superfecta … I had 17 across the board,” Wes Welker told sports radio host Dan Patrick.

$57,193 richer, Welker said it was no trouble for him to give some of those winnings to perfect strangers. He was handing out $100 bills.

According to a letter sent by Churchill Downs, not all of that money was his to give. They said, the teller’s machine malfunctioned and “you were accidently over paid $14,898.58.”

“They would like the money back.  Yeah, well (laugh), get in line!” Welker said.

Now, a Churchill Downs spokesman is saying it was a mistake on their part.

“We’re not worried about the $14,000 overpayment in this situation, that individual we hope just comes back to the Kentucky Derby in 2015,” Darren Rogers said.

That’s something Black Hawk’s Red Dolly Casino manager says should’ve been touted all along.

“Yeah, we don’t haunt ’em down and demand our money back, no!” Bill Sanchez said.

It wasn’t hard to spot a Denver Broncos fan sitting at the Red Dolly Casino.

“I’m a huge Wes Welker fan!” Mark Mancino said.  “It makes me like him a lot more because he stood up for what he believed in.”

Welker went on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday when told about Churchill Downs wanting the money back.

“Yeah, get in line,” Welker said. “I’ve heard about that. I’ve never heard of it actually happening, and supposedly my group got that. But we had no clue. They could have underpaid us and we wouldn’t have known.”

He was referring to a letter sent to the person who actually collected Welker’s winnings on Derby Day.