Three college roommates find $40,000 stuffed in old couch

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NEW PALTZ, N.Y. — That’s a lot of loose change.

Three college freshman roommates got a lot more than they expected after buying an old, worn-down couch. Stuffed in the pillows were $100 bills. Lots and lots of $100 bills.

To the tune of $40,000.

There was a name on an envelope and all three roommates at SUNY New Paltz in New York agreed on what to do, according to The Little Rebellion.

Return the cash.

They tracked down the owner, who was an elderly woman. She told the three her late husband gave her money every week for 30 years and she put it in the couch for safekeeping, to be used after he died.

The woman had to go into the hospital for an operation when the family accidentally got rid of the couch for a new one.

For returning the money, the woman gave the three $1,000.


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