Six brothers, parents charged in sexual abuse case of girl now living in Springs

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jailPERQUIMANS COUNTY, N.C. -- Six brothers and their parents have been charged in North Carolina after a girl now living in the Colorado Springs area claims she was sexually abused for 10 years starting when she was 4.

WTKR in Norfolk, Va., reports police say the parents were charged because they witnessed the abuse.

The brothers range in age from 18 to 27 and were home-schooled with the girl, the Perquiman’s County  Sheriff's Office said.

Officials began their investigation after one of the brothers came forward to them in 2012. Deputies were not allowed to interview the girl by the parents, then the family moved to the Colorado Springs area.

While there, the girl spoke with Child Protective Services about the alleged abuse.

Perquiman County Sheriff’s investigators went to Colorado Springs and interviewed the girl, now 16, for about eight hours.

The six men are being held on $150,000 bond and are awaiting arraignment. The parents are free on $15,000 bond.


  • Anonymous

    You bet I am against abortion , the worse kind of abuse. Abortion would not of prevented these six people from doing what they did to her, and she has every right to have been born. You can not just abort a baby for fear of what it might do or what might happen to it. How sad if your parents had aborted you just because.

  • Never again

    Good point. Because abortion has been legal in this country for over 40 years, so now the only babies who get born are loved & wanted & well cared for & grow into happy, productive adults….oh wait.

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